Archero Tier List

Do you want to have a good start or want improved performance in the game Archero? If so, take a look at our new article dedicated to the tier list for the game.

Archero Tier List helps you to know about the heroes which are the best performers of the game and also the best equipment (abilities, weapons, pets, rings, etc) that can be chosen to make those heroes more powerful. As you keep on completing the chapters more heroes and abilities start to unlock. These abilities and heroes are large in numbers. Choosing the best among them is a tough task to do. Moreover, developers add new characters and equipment from time to time, so it becomes even more important to stay updated.

Shadow Knight Gaming’s Archero Tier List solves these problems as it contains all the characters arranged from strongest to weakest and we also keep our list updated with the changes. So, if you don’t want to miss any of the new updates in the list, allow notifications from us by hitting the bell icon present on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Understanding the System

Archero comes in various chapters. For completing a chapter, you have to kill all the enemies present in that particular chapter. In this process abilities and other equipment help a lot. Unlocking each chapter introduces you to new abilities. That’s why for mastering the game you need to choose the best abilities. These abilities also help in obtaining new heroes.

How our Tier List works?

For a clearer understanding of the list, we have classified it into three parts –

  1. A tier These are the best in their respective categories. They have an exceptionally well performance in the game.
  2. B tier – These are quite well to go with if A tier heroes or equipment are not available. They also perform good in the game.
  3. C tier – These are weaker than above two and have least priority in the game.

Archero Tier List


Heroes Tier List

ARyan, Sylvan, Shade, Shingen, Lina, Ayana, Ophelia
BHelix, Phoren, Taranis, Urasil, Bonnie, Meowgwik, Onir, Rolla
CAquea, Atreus, Shari

Abilities Tier List

Archero Abilities
AMultishot, Ricochet, Invincibility Star, Front Arrow, Wingman, Rage, Slow Projectile, Grace, Dark Touch, Holy Touch, Piercing Shot, Bolt, Blaze, Speed Aura, Crit Plus
BShield Guard, Dwarf, Agility, Freeze, Smart, Attack Boost, Dodge Master, Giant, HP Boost, Spirit Blaze, Fury, Spirit Bolt, Speed Plus, Poison Touch, Water Walker, Headshot
CBolt Star, Bolt Strike, Spirit Multishot, Bolt Meteor, Blazing Star, Rear Arrow, Death Bomb, Death Nova, Side Arrow, Swords, Circles, Toxic Meteor, Toxic strike, Fire Strike, Frost Meteor

Pets Tier List

AFlaming Ghost, Laser Bat
BScythe Mage, Noisy Owl, Elf
CLiving Bomb

Spellbooks Tier List

AArt of Combat Spellbook, Enlightenment Spellbook, Ice Realm
BArcane Adventure

Weapons Tier List

ABrave Bow, Gale Force, Saw Blade, Brightspear, Demon Blade, Gale Force
BDeath Scythe, Tornado, Stalker Staff

Rings Tier List

ALion Ring, Serpent Ring, Bull Ring
BFalcon Ring, Wolf Ring
CBear Ring

Armour Tier List

AShadow Robe, Vest of Dexterity, Bright Robe
BGolden Chestplate, Phantom Cloak
CVoid Robe

Lockets Tier List

AAngel Locket
BPiercer Locket, Bloodthirsty Locket, Agile Locket
CIron Locket, Bulletproof Locket

Bracelets Tier List

AInvincible Bracelet
BQuickshot Bracelet, Thunder Bracelet, Blazing Bracelet, Frozen Bracelet
CSplit Bracelet

The tier list is completely based on my research and experience with Archero. So, if you have any suggestions or opinions let us know by mentioning them in the comment section below.

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