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Hypergryph, a Chinese developer, has released Arknights, a free-to-play strategy RPG/tower defense smartphone game. It was launched on 1 May 2019 in China, on 16 January 2020 in other nations, and on 29 June 2020 in Taiwan. Arknights is a mobile game with gacha elements that is available on Android and iOS.

Arknights is a two-dimensional mobile strategy game in which players wield operators to guard important map locations. Battle through a range of difficult terrain while constructing a headquarters to shelter your characters. 

About Arknights

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Game nameArknights
Publisher(s)China: Hypergryph
World Wide: Yostar
Taiwan: Longcheng
Platform(s)Android, iOS
ReleaseChina: 1 May 2019
Japan/Korea: 15 January 2020
World Wide: 16 January 2020
Taiwan: 29 June 2020
Genre(s)Tactical RPG, tower defense

Storyline of Arknights

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The game is set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic era on the planetary Terra, wherein humans have kemonomimi traits — beast or legendary racial qualities.

Disasters leave over originium, a precious element that allows the employment of arts (magic), and frequently infected individuals with oripathy, a degenerative sickness.

Hostility toward the sick grew as a result of the disease’s 100% fatality rate and high infectivity at the time of death, followed by massive quarantine and deportation by world governments, as well as conflicts between the diseased and non-infected.

The player assumes the role of “Doctor,” a disguised and amnesiac figure who manages a group of “operators” from Rhodes Island, a medical, pharmaceutical, and self-defense organization.

As oripathy grows, the group must look for a solution whilst battling off dangers like the Reunion movement, a diseased revolutionary military force bent on destroying Terra’s governments in retaliation for the repression of oripathy suffering.


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The main gameplay is similar to that of a tower defense game, with several operators acting as towers. Ranged operators can be put on raised tiles, while melee operators can be positioned on ground tiles.

Ranged operators provide ranged harm, heal, or assist melee operators. To keep the adversary from penetrating the player’s base, gamers must put operators on the correct tiles.

Arknights has also been referred to as a puzzle game because there are typically only a few potential answers, especially at higher levels of difficulty.

The player unlocks more operators, stages, and resources as they continue through the game, as well as different sorts of adversaries and gameplay concepts. Because the game records and copies the player’s actions, levels that were finished with a 3 rating can be auto-completed sans user participation.

Seasonal game features, like the game’s semi-quarterly Contingency Contract, provide more complex but optional difficulties and handicaps.


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The part that makes Arknights so enjoyable is that almost every level may be accomplished entirely utilizing reduced units. To clear it, you don’t need that gleaming, brand-new, ultra-rare six-star unit.

You can beat the hardest stages in Arknights using only low-rarity characters after a little grinding and powering up.


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The heart of the game is an imaginative design that appeals to a wide range of games. Arknights is a game that responds effectively to the market needs, rather than being a deep and fantastic game.

However, Arknights is an uncommon innovation in China, which is one of the reasons for its quick success.

Anime Adaption

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Arknights, a mobile tower defense game, is getting an anime version.

The project, which was first mentioned in November 2021, was again described on January 9, 2022 well during the game’s Japanese 2nd Anniversary live event.

Yuki Watanabe directed the anime, with Masaki Nishikawa as assistant director and Takashi Matsuyama as Ace.