Lost in Fantaland: A retro-Inspired RPG with Rogue-Lite Mechanics is now available on Steam!

Lost in Fantaland Is a Retro-Inspired RPG with Rogue-Lite Mechanics and Deck-Building.

Despite the name, Lost in Fantaland is not a game about becoming disoriented in a soda factory.

It’s even better.

Developed for PC by Supernature Studio, Lost in Fantaland is a single-player adventure with elements of rogue-lite, turn-based strategy, and deck-building. It’s available right now for the special sale price of $11.89 too.

It’s also a stunning indie game with some fabulously authentic pixel-art visuals, like those magical JPRGs of yore.

The gameplay sees you taking on the role of an adventurer on a mysterious new continent full of monsters, treasures, and secrets.

You can pick from three different classes before you embark on your adventure, though only two of them are available during Lost in Fantaland’s Early Access phase: Warrior and Mage.

Supernature Studio will add the Deceiver class when the game gets its full release.

Lost in Fantaland Map

Once you’ve picked a class you get to choose from one of the game’s branching and intersecting pathways, each of which has its own monsters, Artifacts, cards, random events, and hit point-replenishing bonfires.

Attacking, defending, and moving around the screen all involve playing cards from your hand, which are randomly dealt from your deck at the beginning of each battle. It will be comfortingly familiar to deck-builder fans.

Except Lost in Fantaland also looks and plays like a turn-based RPG. The action takes place on 8×8 isometric grids, with randomly generated weather and terrain that you can use to your advantage in battle.

There are traps, too, while playing certain cards together gives you combos, letting you deal extra damage.

All of this gives Lost in Fantaland far more tactical depth than other rogue-lite deck-builders you might have played – which is one of the reasons that we’re looking forward to giving it a try.

There are three maps in the Early Access build, which is less than you’ll be able to play in the final version but more than enough to let you see how Lost in Fantaland works.

YouTube link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpYmiiDfUSQ

Head on over to Steam to get started. Lost in Sodaland is currently available for an introductory price of $11.89.

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