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Blade Idle, is an idle RPG simulation game developed by mobirix corporation. The game was released on 13 Feb 2022.

It is a story about an ordinary herbalist who accidentally discovers a magic sword and the journey of a regular everyday person growing into a great hero.

Presently Blade idle has a rating of around 4.3 out of 5, with 42 K reviews, and has been downloaded more than 1 Million times.

It is rated for 7+ years of age. The OS required to play this game is Android 5.0 and above.

Beginner’s Guide to Blade Idle

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Sign in to the game with your google play account. Choose a nickname for your character and start the game.

The game starts with a story of a herbalist who while picking herbs faces the goblin and while running she discovers a sword that absorbs the goblin’s sword and makes it the most powerful one.

The game consists of many chapters.

You need to complete the chapters sequentially to get to the next chapter. One chapter consists of around 50 levels.

It is an automated game. So, the fighting with goblins will be set automatically. You can change the same if you wish to. There are many options for making your character strong.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see the options like Growth, Inventory, Shop, Summon, Pet and Relic.


Growth deals with the level advancement of your character, growth like Attack, HP, and Defeat upgradation, and skills upgradation like summon lightning, chain dash, charge boom, blasting wheel, crescent moon slash, and many more.

There is an upgrade option where you need to challenge the hero that will increase ATK, HP and upgrade it after winning.

There is an option called ego upgrade which is available after clearing chapter 14. There is an option called Emblem and Insignia as well which is available after certain chapters.


Inventory comprises equipment, accessory, ego, figure, customs, and supplies. Equipements are the weapons, armor, helmet, etc that are required to protect your character and fight against goblins.

Accessory, ego, and figure are the options that are available after certain chapters.

Customs are clothing for your character.

Supplies are the treasure chest that you get after clearing stages or earning rewards.


The shop consists of packages, Ads, custom, Diamond, Common, and Mileage.

Packages are the growth package that can upgrade the growth of your character and the custom package for clothing and accessories.

Blade idle 1

The ad contains different rewards you get when you watch an ad.

Customs are the clothing for your character as well as your weapon.

Diamonds contain a lot of options to shop diamonds.

Common contains different enchanted stones to shop for.

With the mileage, you can shop for diamonds, stones, tickets, and many more.


Summon contains summon weapons, armor, relics, and accessories with diamonds.

Summons using red diamonds are available after chapter 15.


Pets play an important role in the strength of your character which comes with attack and more EXP which enhances the Gameplay of your character.


A relic is similar to summon is a powerful effect to improve your character’s skills, equipment, and growth.

There are more options such as Raid, Arena, and Dungeon.

Raid is like competing with several players to defeat a boss and earn rewards. It will get upgraded by clearing the stages.

The arena is like conquering dungeons and earning various special weapons as rewards.


There are so many dungeons in the game. You just need to compete and kill those to obtain the skills and the stone of that dungeon.

Blade idle 2

Make sure you finish the tasks to earn rewards and EXP.

You can check the mission and menu and complete them to earn more rewards.

This is all a brief idea about the game.

Since we have given a brief outlook on the game.

 But how to play the game effectively?

Let us talk about some strategies, tips, and tricks of the game.

Blade Idle Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

First of all, some things that you make sure you do are:

1. Complete available quests regularly as soon as possible to earn more and more rewards

2. Compete with dungeons to equip the skills and make advancements.

3. Spend Diamonds and coins in the right way.

4. Upgrade ATK more than HP and DEF

5. Selection of the Right skills depending upon the situation.

6. You can be dependent on Ads as they do make your character stronger.

7. Get your daily buffs.

How and where to spend diamonds in Blade Idle?

Diamonds should be primarily used for summoning equipment in Blade Idle.

Summoning is very important to make your equipment even stronger. The level of your equipment can be increased as much as you will summon to increase the growth and stats.

 The gear in Blade Idle is obtained by summoning with the help of diamonds.

The priorities should be as follows –

  1. Summon Legendary (Purple) Tier weapon, helmet, and body
  2. Summon Mythical (Gold) Tier weapon, helmet, and body.
  3. Summon high-Grade God Tier weapons and armor.
  4. Summon Legendary and mythical accessories.

Purchase all costumes which will upgrade the level of your character

Purchase outfits should be a priority as:

● School Girl Costume

● Teacher costume

● Cat costume

● Medieval Queen costume

Purchase weapon costumes should be like this:

●Anvil of love

● Puppy grass

● Dragon Slayer

● Dragon Beaker

● Doom Bringer

What is the best way to spend free coins and mileage?

Use the free coins to purchase costume packages in the Shop tab.

Save your mileage in the beginning and spend it purchasing Ancient Insignia Fragments.

Fragments are required for good crafting. Colored fragments are not that used.

How and where to spend Real Money?

Blade idle 3

More and more costume packages enhance your character and make your character strong. You can use your money to buy more and more packages. Apart from this,  the ad package is the best purchase so far in which you don’t need to waste your time daily by watching Ads for hours which will give you permanent buffs as well.


How do you play Blade idle on PC?

Download and install BlueStacks on your PC. Search for Blade Idle in the search bar. Install the game.

What are free coins used for in Blade idle?

Free coins are used for the upgradation of the growth like ATK, HP, DEF, and many more.

How to earn rewards in blade idle?

You can check the missions and finish all the tasks to earn more and more rewards.

What is the best way to spend diamonds?

Diamonds should primarily be used for summoning in the game. Summon weapons, armor, accessories, etc enhances and strengthens the character’s power.

What is a buff?

Buff is a feature, if acquired, you will get EXP to increase, ATK speed increase, gold increase, and MOV speed increase. You just have to watch ads and complete the daily limit.

 What are Offline Rewards?

After you log off the game, the character will continue farming for you. The items you get as rewards will be based on the level you left them on and it will be in repeat mode.

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