Pets in Blade Idle 

Pets in Blade Idle play an important role in the strength of your character by providing various attacks, EXP, and stat boosts.

Coupling of pets with one another of the same level results in special party effects hence further enhancing the gameplay.  Upgradation of pets can be up to level 6 unlocking stats and many useful bonuses as well.

But how to earn stat bonuses with your pets and which are the best pets? So, we have gathered all the information that is needed to utilize and use your pets to the best.

Ranks of Pets in Blade Idle 

Every pet has its rank and it can be up to 6 here. If you achieve more rank, it can give you stat bonuses.

Rank 1 gives 1 stat

Rank 3 gives 2 stats

Rank 6 gives 3 stats

Whenever you are randomly rolling for these stats, you should aim for a God or Mythical stats which have the most power and will be extra helpful for the player.

One more important thing in Pets is Pets’ Souls.

Pets in Blade idle - pet soul

Merging a pet with the other can only happen if the merging pet is 6 stars. So try to save your pets’ souls for a later time so that you can have it in the late game.

Blade Idle Pets: Early and Mid Game

Pets in the early stages are not that important for the game.  Still, let’s start with the Blade Idle pets in the early game stages.

Pig and Giant Pig

blade idle pets - giant pig

The best starter for a beginner which offers you EXP and gold as well.

Pig offers 14% of the gold and giant Pig offers 14% of EXP. Make sure they are always at the same level for more efficiency. It can be rolled with ATK and Super CRIT damage. Rolling ATK and super CRIT damage are always recommended in the early stages of the game.

Bee and Giant Bee

blade idle pets - Bee

The next couple in the blade Idle is Bee and it is the best farming duo having the ability to farm gold and help you earn stronger skills and skill slots. It gives around a 20% EXP bonus when pairing with Normal Bee but make sure they are at the same level.

Rolling this duo will give option ATK and Super CRIT damage to increase the damage of the monsters and make the farming fast. As soon as you clear the level, it results in more chests, gold, and EXP.

Bat, Ant, and Poison Mushroom

blade idle pets - poison mushroom

These combinations of pets are going to help you a lot in the early phase of the game like dungeons, clearing stages, and some advancements.

Rolling can be done with options ATK, DEF or EXP, or gold.

It is recommended to not use them in the later stages as you will have better options than this.

Save your rolling until all of them are 6 stars so that you can get better effects.

Goblin and Crab

Another farming duo but it unlocks a little late in the game. It is the best duo if you want to increase your level gain which will give you a huge 40% EXP gain.

Rolling this duo will give you insane bonuses.

Rolling for Goblin can be done with gold and EXP. Rolling for Crab can be done with option ATK and Super CRIT Damage.

It is really good only till stage 11 and it is not ideal for the later stage.

Small Murloc and Giant Murloc

blade idle pets - small murloc

They are the first duo damage pets that we will unlock at the start. Option ATK is highly recommended for these two pets. Further, you can also try Super CRIT RATE to enhance the overall dmg and unlock it during the early stage of the game.

Orc and Angry Orc

blade idle pets - angry orc

This combination is the best duo for damage in the early and mid stages of the game. They go together so nicely by enhancing the CRIT DMG and Super CRIT DMG together. You can use them regularly for clearing stages until you get some better pets. Roll for Option ATK for more damage.


For the later phase of the game, ACU becomes important for clearing further stages. So from here, we need to prioritize and focus on ACU stats to earn bonuses and clear stages.

For completing stages and dungeons,  stack as much ATK as possible by equipping a suitable pet and rolling super CRIT Damage and option ATK.

Attack Pets in Blade Idle 

Wolf, Knol, and Werewolf

blade idle pets - werewolf

This combination is kind of great in the game.  However,  Werewolf will give you a huge 38% option ATK which is the highest damage pet ever unlocked at this point. Being unlocked before Owlbear makes it stronger.  Try to get all Mythic options Attack on Werewolf.


blade idle pets - owlbear

The upgraded or enhanced version of Werewolf giving around 38.5% on option ATK is damn good.

Even if they don’t give any synergy bonus you can use it for their massive option ATK and clear the levels and dungeons.


The huge 70% option ATK and 200% Super CRIT Damage make it so good enough to become your secondary weapon. It is a God Tier pet on its own. It synergizes with Lizardman to boost more ACU which is damn good for the later phase of the game.

DEFENSE Pets in Blade Idle 


blade idle pets - turtle

The huge ACU boost and ACU god option make it one of the best ACU pets in the game which is good. It will be generally used as ACU Slave, so roll God ACU and it will be perfect.


It is a pretty situational pet. It is damn effective in clearing Emblem and Insignia Dungeon. But only use it with Turtle if you couldn’t clear any stage or dungeons.


It is kind of a good Defense Pet. You can roll 30% God option ATK and pair it with Owlbear for CRIT DMG synergies Buffs.

ACU BOOSTING Pets in Blade Idle 


blade idle pets - oviraptor

It is the best ACU boosting available and it also shares 667 God ACU options like Turtle. Turn it into God Tier ACU slave.

This is all about the pets of Blade Idle. You just need to choose the right one depending on the situation.


1. Which pets are best for offline farming?

 The Bee and Giant Bee duo are the best farming duo pets in blade idle. Having the ability to farm gold and help you earn stronger skills and skill slots. However, the Goblin and Crab duo is also a really good farming duo that will give you a huge 40% EXP gain.

2.  How to upgrade and unlock Blade idle pets faster?

Keep on playing pet Dungeon and clearing the chapters to unlock more and more pets as well as pet souls.

3. What is the need for pet souls?

If you decide to merge any of your pet souls with another, it may upgrade or give you an upgraded pet soul.

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