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Bleach Immortal Soul is a wonderful game. This game revolves around a character named Ichigo and Rukia, a soul reaper who hunts Hollows(souls which have lost their path to the soul society) and sends them to the soul society. This game was released on the 31st of March, 2020. To date, the game has more than 1 Million downloads on the Google Play store with a near about rating of 4.1. It’s a must-play game.

Game Information

Bleach Immortal Soul
Game NameBleach Immortal Soul
PublisherOasis Games
DeveloperGREE Games
Released Date31st March 2020
GenreRole-Playing Game
Platform(s)Android, iOS

Bleach Immortal Soul Story and Gameplay

Bleach Immortal Soul Story

The main plot of the campaign is divided into chapters. Each chapter consists of different locations. The success of passing the location depends on the stars earned. Total, you can earn three stars – you will receive them if the maximum of only one character dies in battle.

In different locations, you have to fight with hollows and save the city. You can also summon different heroes in order to get help during the fight. Many different events are also organized by the publisher to make the game more interesting. As you further proceed to different locations you earn different rewards.

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Bleach Immortal Soul characters
  • Ichigo Kurosaki: The main character of the game around whom the whole story revolves.
  • Rukia Kuchiki: The soul reaper who gave power to Ichigo.
  • Orihime Inoue: She has a warm personality and is ill-suited for battles but she fights to safeguard her friends and family.
  • Uryu Ishida: His actual identity is one of the last of an ancient breed known as the Quincy who have been constantly battling hollows.
  • Kon: A modified soul with a strengthened lower body designed to fight hollows by Soul Society.


Bleach Immortal Soul
  • Shinji
  • Nemu
  • Sasakibe
  • Isane
  • Shuhei
  • Jushiro
  • Yumichika
  • Yammy
  • Ikkaku


  • Gold
  • Soul Jade
  • EXP Tonics
  • Stamina

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