Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List

Welcome to Bleach Immortal Soul Tier list. In this article, you will be knowing about the Best Heroes there in Bleach Immortal Soul, their role, and their rarity.

Bleach Immortal Soul is a wonderful game. This game revolves around a character named Ichigo and Rukia, a soul reaper who hunts Hollows(souls which have lost their path to the soul society) and sends them to the soul society.

The list of heroes included here is authenticated and we have tried our best to include them all according to their strength. We have divided the heroes into five tiers from Tier A to Tier E.

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Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List

Bleach Immortal Soul Tier list - Best heroes


Heroes in the A tier are great characters or you can say Overpowered characters and there are very few of them in the game.

  • Aiden – Rarity: UR; Role: Attacker
  • Zangetsu – Rarity: UR; Role: Attacker
  • Kenpachi – Rarity: UR; Role: Attacker
  • Yamamoto – Rarity: UR; Role: Attacker
  • White Ichigo – Rarity: SSR; Role: DPS
  • Kyoraku – Rarity: UR; Role: Tank
  • Grimmjow – Rarity: UR; Role: DPS
  • Toshiro – Rarity: SSR; Role: Attacker
  • Lisa – Rarity: UR; Role: Attacker

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The heroes in this tier are moderate in their role and can be used wisely to get the most out of them. They can be helpful in the entire course of the game.

  • Ichigo – Rarity: R; Role: Attacker
  • Urahara – Rarity: UR; Role: Support
  • Gin – Rarity: SSR; Role: Attacker
  • Matsumoto – Rarity: SSR; Role: Tank
  • Soi Fon – Rarity: SSR; Role: Attacker
  • Tosen – Rarity: SSR; Role: Attacker
  • Rukia – Rarity: R; Role: Attacker
  • Byakuya – Rarity: SSR; Role: Attacker
  • Yachiru – Rarity: SSR; Role: Attacker
  • Mayuri – Rarity: SSR; Role: Attacker
  • Kensei – Rarity: SSR; Role: Attacker


Bleach Immortal Soul gameplay

Heroes in this tier are not that strong but they aren’t weak as well. They have some specific roles and in that, they can outlast others.

  • Renji – Rarity: SSR; Role: Tank
  • Orihime – Rarity: SR; Role: Support
  • Komamura – Rarity: SSR; Role: Tank
  • Tessai – Rarity: SSR; Role: Tank
  • Hiyori – Rarity: SR; Role: Support
  • Unohana – Rarity: SSR; Role: Support
  • Yoruichi – Rarity: SSR; Role: Tank
  • Love – Rarity: SSR; Role: Support
  • Isshin – Rarity: SSR; Role: Support


These heroes are not that good. They can be used but only as a last option.

  • Shinji – Rarity: SR; Role: Attacker
  • Nemu – Rarity: SR; Role: Attacker
  • Sasakibe – Rarity: SR; Role: Attacker
  • Isane – Rarity: SR; Role: Support
  • Shuhei – Rarity: SR; Role: Tank
  • Jushiro – Rarity: SSR; Role: Attacker
  • Yumichika – Rarity: SR; Role: Tank
  • Yammy – Rarity: SR; Role: Support
  • Ikkaku – Rarity: SR; Role: Tank


These heroes are preferred only when you do not have enough gold to purchase others. They are weak and should not be preferred in your group.

  • Uryu – Rarity: SR; Role: Attacker
  • Kira – Rarity: SR; Role: Attacker
  • Hanataro – Rarity: R; Role: Support
  • Ururu – Rarity: R; Role: Tank
  • Kon – Rarity: R; Role: Attacker
  • Chad – Rarity: R; Role: Tank
  • Omaeda – Rarity: SR; Role: Tank
  • Hinamori – Rarity: SR; Role: Attacker
  • Ganju – Rarity: SR; Role: Tank
  • Jinta – Rarity: R; Role: Attacker
  • Mashiro – Rarity: R; Role: Attacker
  • Rose – Rarity: R; Role: Attacker


Bleach Immortal Soul home screen

So, that’s pretty much it for The Bleach Immortal Soul tier list. You can just take help from the list to know about your heroes. I hope you liked the article. If you have any query feel free to comment below.

Note: The Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List is created with our own research and experience of the game. So your mileage may vary.

The Bleach Immortal Soul tier list is not absolute and is bound to change with time as new game updates are released.

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