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Did you get bored with all the basic goodies and perks in Blue Archive? And want some exciting stuff in the game but also don’t want to invest your money in the game? So, don’t worry we got you, we will guide you on how you can get these goodies and perks without spending a single penny using Blue Archive Codes!

With the help of this article, you can get Blue Archive in-game rewards like pyroxenes and more for free of cost without paying anything. But these codes are hard to find, so, a large number of redeem codes are fake and invalid across the internet.

But don’t worry we at will provide you the Valid and Genuine redeem codes for Blue Archive. Also, we will update this article whenever the developers of the Blue Archive provide new codes, so, bookmark this page and don’t forget to enable notifications for so, you won’t miss any free reward next time.

What are Blue Archive Coupon Codes?

What are Blue Archive Codes

Redeem codes are the special codes provided by the developers of the Blue Archive for the players to use in the game to get some exciting in-game stuff. Whenever you redeem a code, you will get a free in-game reward particular to that code in Blue Archive. Code redemption in Blue Archive is present for the release of the game.

These codes are published by the developers on festivals, new updates, special occasions, festivals, etc. These codes are free to use in the game but it is only available for some first 100 players or less and a short period so you have to be more active on our article so you will not miss the opportunity.

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Active Blue Archive Coupon Codes

List of Blue Archive Coupon Codes

Here is a list of all the Blue Archive coupon codes. These codes are time-limited and may expire soon, so hurry up and redeem them.

  • As of now there are no active Blue Archive codes. We will be updating the list with the latest shortly.

Expired Codes

  •  ILUVU2021SENSEI – 120 Pyroxenes
  •  2021ARONACHAN – 120 Pyroxenes
  • WELOCOMETOKIVOTOS2021 – 120 Pyroxenes

How to Redeem Codes Blue Archive

How to redeem Blue Archive Codes

The code redemption system in Blue Archive is very easy and you can get your free reward in seconds with the codes. There is a slight difference for code redemption in Android and iOS. You don’t need any other application or site for code redemption in Android, but in iOS, you have to redeem the code externally.

Follow these steps to redeem codes in both Android and iOS:

Blue Archive Code Redemption in Android:

  • Open your game Blue Archive.
  •  Now go to the Game Lobby and tap on the Menu icon on the extreme top right of your screen.
  • A new window will pop-up.
  • Tap on the Account Button, now scroll down and hit the Confirm button next to the confirm option.
  • Now simply enter your Redeem Code and hit that Redeem Button.
  • Check your Mailbox and enjoy your free reward.

Blue Archive Code Redemption in iOS:

  • Open your game Blue Archive.
  •  Now go to the Game Lobby and tap on the Menu icon on the extreme top right of your screen.
  • A new window will pop-up.
  • Now select the Customer Center option and copy the Member Code.
  • Visit the Blue Archive Redemption Center on this link.
  • Now select the Right Server from the server list.
  • Now paste the Member Code you copied and The Redeem Code from this article.
  • Now Hit on the Redeem Button.
  • In the Mailbox you will find your reward.
  • Enjoy

How to Find Blue Archive Redeem Codes

How to get more Blue Archive Coupon Codes

Developers of the Blue Archive publish these codes on their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter and other official sites. Sometimes redeem codes are also available on Google Play Store and app store for a short time.

It’s hard to track these codes on so many sites but don’t worry we will provide you with all the working codes of Blue Archive here in one place!


Blue Archive FAQ

Is rerolling worth it in the Blue Archive?

For anyone who wants to start a strong in the game, rerolling is essential for them. You have to use multiple instances at the same time in Multidrive.

How do you level up fast in the Blue Archive?

By completing all the levels with maximum XP you can level up fast and easily in Blue Archive.

How to Redeem Codes in the Blue Archive?

You can redeem codes in Blue Archive in the game itself if you have an Android device but you have to redeem the code through their official website on iOS devices. Follow this section article for the steps.

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