Blue Archive Tier list July 2024

The Blue Archive Tier List ranks all the best characters in the game according to their overall performance in battles and their classes.

Blue Archive is a simulation RPG-based mobile game published and developed by NEXON. One of the most exciting features of Blue Archive is you can talk to other players with a special communicator called Momo Talk! Character design in Blue Archive is top-notch. The graphics are well optimized. You will find 3D well-structured combat with kawaii in-game characters. These characters are adorable and with one of the best animations.

This article will teach all about the best characters you can play within the Blue Archive. By following this article you can conquer this game easily.

Also, developers of Blue Archive provides new characters with updates and we will update this article will the new characters, so, bookmark this page and don’t forget to enable notifications for

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How does the Blue Archive Tier list work?

Blue Archive Tier List

Characters in Blue Archive can be classified into 5 Groups/Tier as

  • S Tier: This group has the strongest characters of the game. They are very hard to defeat. You should definitely use them in-game.
  • A Tier: This group has strong characters but not as strong as S Tier characters.
  • B Tier: This group has characters with average skills. They are in a healthy and balanced state.
  • C Tier: This group has characters weaker than the above Tiers.
  • D Tier: This group has the weakest characters in the game.

Blue Archive Tier list

Blue Archive Attackers – Tier List

Blue Archive Attacker Hibiki

Here is a list of the best Attackers in Blue Archive.

SLori, Hibiki, Haruna, Nonomi, Shun, Hina, Aru, Karin
AShiroko, Midori, Akari, Momoi, Chise, Junko, Izuna, Saya, Serika, Fina, Maki
BHasumi, Tsurugi, Neru, Sumire, Izumi
CMashiro, Mutsuki, Utaha
DYoshimi, Asuna

Blue Archive Supporters – Tier List

Blue Archive 3 star Hifumi

Here is a list of the best Support characters in Blue Archive.

AHifumi, Akame
BKirino, Kotori
DShimiko, Kayoko, Hare, Juri, Suzumi, Airi

Blue Archive Tanks – Tier List

Blue Archive Hoshino & Shiroko

Tanks have good health and can take a serious amount of damage. Here is a list of the best Tank Characters in Blue Archive.

AHoshino, Haruka, Yuuka

Blue Archive Healers – Tier List

Blue Archive Hanako

Here is a list of the best healer characters to use in Blue Archive.

SHanae, Serika
AChinatsu, Fuuka, Ayane, Hanako

So that was pretty much it for Blue ArchiveTier List. Do note that all the tier lists mentioned above are based on our own research and experience with the game. Your experience/ opinion may vary. The tier lists present in the article are also not absolute and are bound to change with new game updates.

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Blue Archive

If you are an Otaku and love to watch Anime and play with those 2D characters you will love Blue Archive for sure. It is one of the best graphics you can get in an RPG mobile game is present in Blue Archive. Game mechanics are also quite impressive and well structured. In Blue Archive you are an Adviser in the Federal Investigation Club, Schale, in Kivotos. You have to resolve different mysteries occurring around the map.

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About the game

Blue Archive

Blue Archive is an RPG-based mobile game developed and published by Nexon and NAT Games.
In the game, you have to solve mysterious cases around the world along with your beautiful students.
You can download the game for free on Play Store and App Store.
Developer – NAT Games (KR)
Publisher – NEXON
Genre – ActionRPG
Game Mode(s) – Single-player, Multiplayer