Brawl Stars Wiki | A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a free-to-play game launched in December 2018 by Supercell, the same creators behind the quite popular games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Brawl Stars has gained quite a lot of popularity since its launch, also deemed to be Supercell’s most “F2P-friendly” game, this game has been on top of the stores since its launch.

The basic motive or goal behind Brawl Stars is to give players short action-packed battles that can be played almost anywhere or on the go. These quick and snappy 2-3 minute games can be played anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Even these short 3m games have the potential to give players the chance to explore the depth and strategy that these games have to offer.


Brawl Stars Getting tarted

Brawl Stars, just like most modern games today, has an in-built little training guide to help players understand the most basic controls and walk-through of the game. These controls are very user-friendly and easy to grasp. Having just 3-5 buttons on the screen, they are very easy to learn and get used to.


Once you’re done with that, you are free to pick from a variety of game modes to play through and pick through a number of brawlers that the game gives you as you progress through it. We’ll uncover more about that in this article ahead.



Brawl Stars Trophy Road

Trophies are the most basic form of player progression throughout the game. You gain trophies by simply winning battles, but be careful; you’re also bound to lose some if you lose in games. Every brawler has its individual amount of trophies that you play with and win through your battles. The sum of all your brawler’s INDIVIDUAL trophies is your account’s TOTAL trophies.

As you gain more trophies you progress through a “trophy-road” that has milestones at regular intervals. You gain rewards, progression, and even new brawlers based on your TOTAL trophies and where you stand on them.image5


The characters that are playable in this game are called Brawlers. Currently (as of Oct ‘22) Brawl stars has a total of 60 Brawlers, each of them having a unique ability and super. Some of them have a clear edge over the others while some are just good throughout, each brawler shines in some or the other scenario or game mode they can be played in.
There are a total of seven rarities of brawlers – Trophy road, Rare, Super rare, Epic, Mythic, Legendary, and Chromatic. The higher you go through the rarities the more unique the brawler and its abilities turn out to be, and so does obtaining them!

Every brawler has a maximum of 11 power levels, each level can be unlocked with a specific amount of powerpoints to them. Every level grants your brawler some more HP and ATK as you move ahead.

You unlock a special ability at power level 7 that’s called “gadgets”, gadgets are abilities that provide the brawler some sort of buff or advantage and can only be used 3 times per match, so use them thoughtfully.

Grid View of different Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Similarly, at power level 9 you unlock a special ability called ‘Star powers’ that enhances a brawler’s abilities in some way. Each brawler has 2 star powers and only one of them can be used at once, unlike gadgets they don’t expire and are a permanent buff to your brawler.

At power 10 and power 11 you unlock two special slots called ‘gears’. These are tiny permanent buffs that are very situational (for example having +25% dmg if your health is low and having a speed increase only if you are in bushes). These are subject to change since supercell has promised to revamp the whole system very soon.

You can gain gears, star powers, and gadgets through brawl boxes once their slots are unlocked.


All the brawlers can be progressed through ‘Upgrades’. You can upgrade your brawlers by obtaining ‘powerpoints’.Brawl Stars powerpoints

There are many ways to obtain powerpoints and progress your brawlers but the most basic way is to open Brawl boxes, you can gain them by simply playing the game. When you open a Brawl box you gain some powerpoints for the brawlers you have in your inventory, you also gain some gold coins and have the chance of getting a new Brawler based on its rarity. Brawl Boxes are the primary form of progression in this game. Its higher forms are ‘Big boxes’ (worth x3 of Brawl boxes) and ‘Mega Box’ (worth x10 of Brawl boxes).image22

Once you have a certain number of powerpoints for a specific brawler, you can upgrade it using gold coins that you gain through boxes.

Brawl Stars Brawler upgrade window


There are quite a few forms of currency in the game, the most important one being Gems. They are a scarce resource and they can be obtained only through the ‘Brawl Pass’ (that we will discuss further) you can use them to buy skins and cosmetics or the brawl pass. Then we have Gold coins that can be used to upgrade your brawlers and in the shop to buy powerpoints and even gadgets and starpowers. There are starpoints that can be used to buy skins and sometimes even boxes for a short period.

Tokens can be obtained by ranking up your brawler’s individual trophies, simply playing the game modes, and completing quests. Every 2h20m you gain +20 tokens that can be claimed once you play any game, it’s capped at 200 tokens so when you come back after a long day, you have some tokens to be claimed once you play casually through the game. Tokens are a progression toward gaining boxes in the game.

 Lastly, there’s Scrap, which are blue coins that you can obtain once you have unlocked a gear slot (or upgraded a brawler to power 10) through brawl boxes. You can use these coins to upgrade your gears.


As of now there are 8 game modes in Brawl Stars. These are –

  • Gem GrabBrawl Stars Gem

This is one of the core 3v3 game modes of Brawl Stars that has been in the game ever since its BETA. The simple motive of this game mode is to gather gems that pop out from a mine in the middle of the map at regular intervals. The first team to collect 10 gems and hold on to them for 10 seconds grabs the win. If a player holding a certain amount of gems gets eliminated they will drop all the gems and can be picked up by anyone so be careful with them!image21

  • BountyBrawl Stars Bounty Mode Logo

Bounty has also been in the game ever since its launch and is part of one of the major modes in brawl stars. It is like a simple 3v3 team deathmatch, if you eliminate a player you get a star (or bounty) above your head, the more players you eliminate the more stars you gain. If you’re defeated with a huge bounty on you, the enemy will gain all the stars instead. The team that has the most number of stars at the end of the timer will win in this mode. To avoid a tie, this mode spawns a blue star in the middle of the map, the team holding on to the star at the end of the game will thus be the victor if the scores are tied.image13

  • Brawl BallBrawl Stars Brawl Ball Mode Logo

One of the most popular and fan-loved game modes of the game is brawl ball. It’s a simple but action-packed 3v3 game mode. A ball is present in the middle of the map and the motive here is to pick it up and score it at the enemy team’s goal. Players carrying the ball cannot attack but they can shoot the ball away using either their main attack or super. The first team to score 2 goals wins the game.image8image28

  • Showdown Brawl Stars Showdown Mode Logo Brawl Stars Showdown Mode logo

Showdown is a 10-player-based Deathmatch game mode. Every player for himself! If someone is eliminated they will not spawn again and you get trophies based on the rank you finish on. Showdown is a battle-royale-styled mode where the poison gas keeps closing into the center as the time proceeds ahead; players can also find boxes in showdowns that give power-cubes, and collecting these cubes enhances the damage and the HP of your brawler. Defeated brawlers also drop cubes.

Showdown consists of two sub-modes under it – Solo and Duo showdowns. Solo is the basic 1v1 with 10 players where each person is for themselves only, whereas Duo is a team-based deathmatch consisting of 5 teams of 2 players each, 2v2 battles.

  • Heist Brawl Stars Heist Mode Logoimage27

Heist is a 3v3 mode where each team has a safe that has a massive amount of health. The goal here is to crack open or damage the enemy’s safe as much as you can while protecting your safe from them. The first team to successfully break down the other team’s safe is the victor here or the team that deals the most damage to the safe when the timer runs out.image30

  • Hot Zone Brawl Stars Hot Zone Mode Logo

This is a newly-added 3v3 mode to the game, much like zone control from popular FPS games. The motive here is to stay in a specifically marked zone and protect it from the enemy team. Staying in the zone counts as progress towards a progress bar and the first team to complete 100% on all zones in the map wins.image12

  • Knockout Brawl Stars Knockout Mode Logo

Knockout is a 3v3 mode quite similar to bounty, except defeated brawlers will not spawn again and this game is based on a best-of-three format. The team that manages to win two out of these games will win. Toxin clouds will close over the map if the round continues for a long time.image20

  • Power League Brawl Stars Power League Mode Logo

Power League is a highly competitive tournament-style mode in Brawl Stars. It has nothing to do with trophies and has a completely different ranking system.

The game mode consists of solo or team battles – solo mode matches you up with 5 other totally random players to form a game of 3v3, whereas playing in a team (with friends that you have invited or have been invited to) will only match you with other pre-formed teams.

The game starts with a brawler selection screen where each player gets a turn to ban a specific brawler that cannot be picked by anyone in the room, which amounts to a total of 6 bans. Then, every player gets a turn to select a brawler that cannot be picked by anyone else, hence forming a match full of unique brawlers. The match is played in a 2-win format where a map and a mode are randomly selected from all of the above-mentioned modes (except showdown). The team to successfully wins 2 whole matches against the other team will win the PL match. PL progress is completely different from trophies, unlike all other modes.


Brawl Pass

Just like all other Supercell games, a pass has been introduced in Brawl Stars as well. The brawl pass consists of two progress bars – the free and the premium side. Every Brawl pass season lasts for about 2 months and rewards the player with a lot of progressions, boxes, powerpoints, coins, cosmetics, and even a Chromatic rarity brawler with a special skin!

Progressing through the pass’ tiers requires tokens that are obtainable by doing quests and just casually playing the game. New Quests are added every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that gives tokens based on the task given.

Brawl Pass

Thankfully, the brawl pass gives the player a total of 90 gems throughout the FREE progress bar, so even F2P players can afford the Brawl pass every 2 seasons (costs 169 gems) without having to actually spend any money in the game.


Like all other Supercell games, Brawl Stars has its own clan system known as ‘Clubs’. These are short guild-based groups that have a maximum of 30 members each. You can search for a club or make your own and interact with all of the other members through chat and even play with them. Clubs also have a hierarchy consisting of a president, various vice presidents, seniors, and lastly members to help moderation of a club.

A war system has been introduced in Brawl Stars called ‘Club League’. It cycles through every week starting on Wednesday and ending on Tuesday.

Brawl Stars Brawl Week

On week 1 we have ‘Club League week’ where 8 clubs are paired together in a bracket, club league events are played on three separate days through the week by spending tickets (each player gets 4 tickets on Wednesday and Friday and 6 tickets on Sunday) the format for club league week goes as follows :

Playing with at least one club member gives more club trophies for wins, which are counted at the end of each day, and the clubs are ranked based on the trophies they earned. This is a team effort that requires at least 24 members of a club to participate in it. At the end of the week, the clubs are ranked 1-8 and the top-most clubs get promoted to a higher league whereas the lower clubs will be demoted. Every club receives club coins based on how they performed throughout the week that can be used in the Club shop to buy upgrades for your brawlers.

Clubs progress through leagues from bronze 1 to silver to gold and so on all the way to masters. Rewards are also increased based on the rank your club stands in.

Brawl Stars Brawl Week Rewards

However, the 2nd week of the Club league consists of quests only, giving the players time to relax from the competition and casually gain more progression without much work. Every player in a club is tasked to complete 3 quests throughout the week (double progression to the quests if you play with club members), in this way the club goes through a club-road map giving them more coins the more quests have been done by the club.

Brawl Stars Brawl Week Rewards


Brawl Stars will gradually add challenges to the game that have a certain amount of wins to be completed, careful! They also have a loss cap and once you’ve lost a number of times you’re out, unless you buy more lives with gems. These challenges will mainly consist of a number of core game modes of Brawl Stars and a specific number of wins to them. Each win will grant you a reward and completing the challenge will also be quite generous.

Brawl Stars Special Events

In addition to these challenges, Brawl Stars adds various special modes that are unique and interactive, these modes will be temporary only and after player feedback, they will decide whether the game mode stays or leaves the game.

There are also some PvE game modes that are available to play every weekend.

Robo Rumble – 3 players fight against an arsenal of bots to keep a “safe” from being cracked by them for a limited amount of time.

Big game – 6 players are matched together out of which one player will be selected to be the ‘Big Boss’ giving them massive health boosts and a bit of dmg bonus, all the players will fight against this big boss, and a timer, if players manage to take the boss down before the time ends, they win and if the boss manages to survive, he grabs the win.

Boss Fight – a PvE mode that has a massive big robot with a lot of health and supporting small bots. 3 players work together to take down the big boss.


Brawl Stars Cosmetic changes

Brawl Stars provide the player base with a number of cosmetics to shine and brag with others, gain a cool-looking animation, or just please their aesthetic. Each brawler has a number of skins to pick from that can be bought with gems, some with starpoints, and some with coins as well.

There are also emotes called ‘Pins’ and sprays that can be used mid-battle to show enthusiasm or just tease other players or brag amongst others. They can also be bought with gems in the shop or can be gained through special events and even as rewards in the brawl pass and trophy road.

Brawl Stars Shop Window


Fortunately, Brawl Stars has developed a new system to help new players progress quickly and instantly get a power 9 brawler of their choice just by logging in every day for 15 days. This is a huge upgrade and a kick-start to anyone that joins the game as a newbie.

Brawl Stars Progression

While consistent play is a must, getting the Brawl Pass and completing its tiers and quests is a massive boost to account progression. It is the best way to spend your gems.

On the other hand, actively participating in club league events and helping out your club is a massive bonus! Use your club coins to buy gold and powerpoints to upgrade your favorite brawlers.

Keeping these simple ways in practice and genuinely just enjoying the game as you play through it is the fastest way to get through the game and upgrade your favorites.


Here are some tips that will help you master the game and get ahead in it gradually faster than a normal player would. Brawl Stars can be an easy game to play but it’s quite hard to master. There’s a lot of stuff to keep in mind but some basics can also be helpful for beginners.

Let’s begin with basic movement. Since Brawl Stars has only a few buttons and just one related to movement, it can look quite easy to play, and yes it is in fact quite easy to play but it’s just as hard to master. A special tip would be to move in a zig-zag pattern, to confuse the enemy with your movements so you’re not as easy to hit. Moving in the same pattern and same distance can make you very predictable and vulnerable to being hit easily which would end up in eliminations and would set you back in the game.

Brawl Stars Gameplay

Similarly, try to practice your aim and don’t just auto-aim every time. Try to aim where the brawlers move towards and try to be more precise when you hit them with your long-ranged brawlers.

Play every single game mode and learn about each mode and have a clear idea about the objectives of each mode. Slowly through practice, you will develop a sense of what you must do in a particular game mode.

Always try to keep 3v3 game modes as a battle of lanes. This simply means try to control your side of the map and engage in a 1v1 in the brawler that’s in front of you, this not only helps your team gain control of the map but also helps you get better in your interactions. “Pinching” is a term in 3v3 that refers to paying attention to your teammate’s 1v1 interactions along with your own and trying to find opportunities to hit them along with your teammate so they are sure to take damage and fall back, also keeping your lane in consideration at the same time. Always find ways to help your teammates and gain control of the map rather than a personal objective, it’s a team-based game and at the end of the day helping your team will eventually help you win more battles.

Brawl Stars Gameplay plan

Know your brawlers! It’s very important to understand each brawler and their role in the game. If you play as support, don’t push ahead alone; rather you should stick with your team and provide them your utility. In the same way, if you play assassin brawlers you should take out brawlers in the enemy team and make it easier for your team to gain control of the map.

As you get to know more and more brawlers through practice you should also keep in mind the amount of damage they do, if not just pay attention at the start of a match to how much damage their single shot does to you and just multiply it by 3 (since almost all brawlers have just 3 ammo loaded) and then a look at your own health. This way you can calculate roughly if you can take three of their shots without dying and that will ultimately help you to make quick decisions to either engage or not in the battle. Also, keep in mind every brawler’s range, and the more you give yourself space to stay away from their range while also keeping yourself able to hit them, the more advantage you’re at. Take advantage of simple things to gain control of the battle and get yourself ahead in the game quickly.

As you continue to play Brawl Stars, you will eventually automatically gain all these skills through practice and failure, don’t back down! Keep practicing and getting better at the game modes you love. At the end of the day the most important part is to have fun, don’t stress yourself out over too much information at first, taking it slow, and enjoying what you do is the best tip to go by.



Is Brawl Stars really worth playing at this point in time?

Although the game has been declining in player base throughout time, Brawl Stars is still a very user and pocket-friendly game. It will still provide the same amount of fun and action-packed short battles as long as people continue to enjoy it.

The devs from Brawl Stars have made some mistakes over the years and lost players over bad updates but they still have everything planned and keep actively communicating with the player base and understand what players want and what they like and they are always trying to make this free-to-play game a better environment for us. They actively announce their updates and even interact with players on their socials to know what the company has on their minds. Players believe the game will just get better with time and updates.

Overall, Brawl Stars is still a very fun action-packed game that delivers an immersive experience for players of almost all ages.

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