How to Buy The Best Ring Light? TONOR TRL-20 Review

TONOR 12″ Large Selfie Light is an appealing adjunct among dozens of ring light solutions. So how does it perform? Check out this review for more info.


Ring lights cast artistic shadows on photographs and videos, adding depth to your final results. Thousands of alternatives are available, presenting us with diverse features and designs. And TONOR 12″ Large Selfie Light is among the few that stick out.

How does this TONOR alternative stack up against other competitors, though? We are certain you are itching to find out. No more waiting, as this article will supply all the answers you need.


Ring Light
  • Dimensions: 9.84 x 9.84 x 1.18 inches
  • Weight: 3.72 pounds
  • Color Rendering: 80-90
  • Ring Diameter: 12 inches
  • Flux: 500-800lm
  • Power: 10W
  • Input: 5V-2A USB
  • Number Of LEDs: 160
  • Lifespan: 20,000 hours
  • Tripod Stand Height (Extendable): 16-53 inches
  • Remote Battery: 3V, CR2032

TONOR 12″ Large Selfie Light: Review

Installation and Setup

TONOR TRL-20 Review - Easy Setup
Easy Setup

TONOR sets itself apart from rivals with its streamlined setup procedure – sustained by numerous support features. For starters, each of the legs incorporates four telescopic segments, which you may extend by releasing the leg lock mechanism on the bottom three. 

Hence, they present a manifold array of angles and photography viewpoints for you to choose from. The tripod top – which is adjustable – is 16 inches above the ground at its lowest point, suited to low-level aerial photographs. This level has its moment when you usually make close-up videos or photoshoots like make-up and mukbang.

Though there is no cranking handle, raising and lowering the middle column is still quite a breeze; all you need to do is loosen the elevator lock screw. At maximum extension, it boosts about an extra 37 inches to the tripod height, equaling 53 inches in total. 

The most remarkable aspect of this whole procedure is that it can be performed manually, requiring no extra equipment. Non-tech users will find immense solace in such simple setups.

Also, three pan-tilt mechanisms are built to assist changes in platform directions. You can rotate it in all angles possible – horizontally (with a panning lock nut), forward and backward (via the panhandle), and left and right (thanks to the edge tilt lock). 

The actual practice sounds much easier than this theoretical instruction; it only takes a few minutes for novices to get acquainted with these functionalities. After all, they are basic and standard segments for pan-tilt gimbals. 

Furthermore, a quick-release plate is threaded in typical layouts – although the screw is somewhat shorter than standard products.

Fortunately, solutions for this dilemma require nothing extra; first, unscrew it and fit it into the base. Then install it onto the system. Once done, tilt the phone mounts forward and insert it into the hole drilled within the light – and all is well!

Dimmable Brightness

TONOR TRL-20 Review - Three modes
Three modes

TONOR successfully satisfies customers’ demands in the most critical aspect of ring lights – the capacity for light changes. After all, there are no two apartments or recording studios with identical luminosity. Hence, in response to ambient light and other setting conditions, luminance adjustments are the key to successful photography.

The TONOR ring light is available in three distinct color modes: natural, warm, and cold. Any option is fine if it fulfills your specific artistic requirements. Just punch the buttons on the USB cord, and you are done with your light mode selection. How can we ever go wrong with such a straightforward system?

Along with color choices, TONOR brings about something even better: brightness levels. 

There are ten (yes, ten!) alternatives in this regard, with a temperature range of 2700K to 6500K. Thus, the TONOR is rendered extremely adaptable, easily fitting into any movie and setting – whether it is a fun Tik Tok clip or a Zoom meeting. You will profit much more than you bargained for with this ring light.

Even better – unlike its rivals, the TONOR delivers brilliant (yet still moderate) lighting that is pleasant to the eyes, even at maximum levels. Hence, it ensures no discomfort could bother you during your filmmaking. 

The 160 elevated LED lights to give your skin a more youthful outlook – a feature that we are certain most TikTokers will appreciate – added by the omission of eye glare often seen in other ring lights. These combined functionalities lend a more natural illumination to your photos and clips, securing the best possible results. 


TONOR TRL-20 Review - Durability

For those whose previous ring lights used to run out of power in the middle of the shoot, that nightmare will have no room to flourish with this TONOR item. Its robust lighting gear will keep pushing forward until you are thoroughly done with your filming. 

The ring light is also sustained with high-intensity boards and LED lights, whose combined integrity helps it endure all types of abuses and weather conditions. Coupled with strong battery capacities, it is a must-have item for anyone opting for long-term usage. As per numerous customer reports, TONOR lights last about 20,000 hours. 

If this vacant number seems too abstract, let us dumb it down for you. Suppose you use the system non-stop (days and nights, 24/7). In such cases, it will still take this ring light at least two years before its eventual breakdown. 

And with proper maintenance, the product might last even longer. Imagine how much expenditures and extra costs you can save with this durable and robust ring light. 

Remote Control

TONOR TRL-20 Review - Remote control
Remote control

And here comes one of our favorite accessories – the remote control. It is more than easy to employ this convenient gadget for illumination adjustments in quick selfies and video recordings. There is no need to run back and forth, to and from your lamps for constant adjustments. 

That might seem like a trivial improvement; however, as you frantically run around your shooting sets, such features will alleviate a lot of wasted time. The remote is Bluetooth-enabled and operates at 393 to 787 inches – more than adequate for any purpose.

As previously mentioned, hand control is possible if you are not a fan of remote control. Still, such a gadget is more than welcome for inert users (almost everyone, actually).

iOS and Android users, you may rejoice: this remote is interoperable with both. So if you switch your iOS devices to Android or vice versa, there is no need to purchase a whole new set of ring lights. The remote operation is also very straightforward: just connect the control to your smartphone, and recordings may start immediately.

The benefits it brings outweigh its shortcomings. Give it a try, and you’ll buy my words. Buy on Amazon now.

Quick Rundown


  • Adjustable light (three modes, ten levels)
  • Affordable price
  • Great lifespan (20,000 hours)
  • High compatibility with all device sizes
  • Durable housing (Aluminum) and long lifespan


  • Short cord (2m or 6.7 ft)
  • No cranking handle
  • Small plate


This article has lent critical insights into the performance of TONOR 12″ Large Selfie Light. It is a smart investment for aspiring photographers and filmmakers, aside from some minor drawbacks. Just a single click on Amazon and your purchase is set. Spring into action right away!

Get today’s best deal on Amazon: TONOR TRL-20.

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