Castle Clash Secret Codes and Magic Lab

Here is a list of all the latest (Updated) Castle Clash Secret Codes!

Castle Clash is one of the popular free-to-play mobile games with a large player base across the globe. You lead an advanced village and help it progress as you win attacks to get loot from other players. There is no doubt that glorious victories mean more resources to build and upgrade defenses.

You need in-game resources- Gold and Mana to upgrade buildings and train troops, respectively. However, Gems are yet another vital supply that you need to gather throughout the game.

Unlike gold and mana, you have to purchase gems by spending real cash through your e-wallet. However, what if we tell that you could get free gems without having much trouble. Today we bring you multiple Castle Clash Redeem Codes that you could use to get hundreds of gems in the game.

These codes are updated in real-time and come from trusted sources to help new players. Our experts looked into some directory files to extract these redeem codes that will provide additional perks.

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What are Castle Clash Secret Codes?

As the name suggests, Castle Clash Gift Codes allow the players to get various resources like Gems, Gold, Mana, etc. You also have a chance to win Hero Scraps and Tomes to unlock and upgrade heroes. Therefore, it will take you comparably less time to max out hero characters.

Moving further, you can also redeem Magic Lab codes which work slightly different from standard gift codes. These could emit multiple items like Star Stones, skin boxes, and Signets. However, it would be to should use them at once as they are updated every month.

Castle Clash Secret Codes List

Castle Clash Active Secret Codes
  • EFR9H5FC
  • N4MS3MUB
  • W6FPPB8F
  • 3XRKBP9J
  • 55U5YA3T
  • 752K3NGH
  • W6FPPB8F
  • 3XRKBP9J
  • 55U5YA3T
  • 752K3NGH
  • B9295RGJ
  • B7ZXXPA2
  • KXTP9X2T
  • NK57PAQG
  • 692CQKAA
  • JDXX54UJ
  • 8R9CPT4C
  • 9D32MVGJ
  • CBU5Y7F9

How to Redeem Castle Clash Secret Codes?

Redeem Castle Clash Active Secret Codes

Once you have the desired redeem code, follow these steps to activate it,

  • First, start Castle Clash and head towards the Settings menu
  • You will find a dialog box that says, “Enter your IGG ID.”
  • Copy the code from our page and paste it accordingly. You can also type it in the bar.

We recommend using the redeem codes early as they expire after reaching the maximum limit. If you find any redeem code not working, kindly move on to the next one.


Still have some doubts about Castle Clash Redeem Codes? Here are some frequently asked questions by players,

  1. Does Castle Clash have Redeem Codes?

    Absolutely! You can quickly redeem various codes in Castle Clash to earn rewards like Signets, Hero Scraps, Star Stones, and a lot more.

  2. Why do I Need Gems?

    Gems will give you a headstart in reducing training time for troops and speed up the upgrading speed.

  3. Are Redeem Codes Legit?

    The developers officially announce every Redeem code to help players upgrade quickly to higher levels. Thus, you will not face any issues while using them.

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