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Disgaea RPG is a fantasy turn-based gacha mobile Role-playing game, available on Android and iOS. It is the continuation title of its PC version: Disgaea series.

The game’s story takes place after the events of the Original Disgaea titles and carries on to continue the development of the main characters from every title that has been released. The game puts the player in the perspective of a human who has been summoned to the Netherworld to raise The Strongest Overlord.

The game is available for free on both the Play Store and Apple store but employs In-game character development monetization techniques by empowering players with different skin customization options, weapons, and skills.

Disgaea RPG was first released on March 19, 2019, in Japan, after that the developers decided to launch its global version which then was launched on April 12, 2021.

Game Information

Disgaea RPG 
Game NameDisgaea RPG 
Publisher(s)Boltrend Games, Nippon Ichi Software
Developer(s)Nippon Ichi Software, ForwardWorks 
WriterSohei Niikawa
Composer(s)Tenpei Sato 
Platform(s)iOS and Android
ReleaseJapan: March 19, 2019World Wide: April 12, 2021
Genre(s)RPG, gacha


Disgaea RPG Gameplay

Disgaea Rpg is an active-time turn-based RPG, unlike the strategy RPG nature of its console and PC versions. This gacha is developed and published by Plarium Nippon Ichi Softwares. The game takes place in The Netherworld – a place described as deeper than the deepest ocean and darker than the darkest cave.

You as a player will take the role of a human who has been summoned to the Netherworld to raise The Strongest Overlord. The story of the game takes place after the incidents and various happenings of the mainline Disgaea titles. After that, it continues the development of the main characters from every title, while also introducing several original characters, notably Lucy, Diez, and Torachiyo.

Players form teams consisting of five characters and fight with waves of enemies in various modes. Features such as character reincarnation, Team and Tower attacks, lifting and throwing of items or characters, character special abilities are known as ‘evilities’, and there is an Item World system in the game for powering up/upgrading your equipments.

The Dimensional Gate acts as a common entrance to all battles. From here, you can dive into the gameplay such as the main plot and story of Underworld.

Nether Enhancement uses dupes of the characters to upgrade their stats and unlock Evilities.

You can level up your characters by earning EXP through clearing stages, which includes stages of Dark Gate, Story Mode Stages, and several Limited event stages.

Disgaea RPG Characters List

Disgaea RPG Characters List


  • Laharl
  • Killia
  • Valvatorez
  • Adell
  • Mao
  • Etna
  • Fallen Angel
  • Seraphina
  • Rozalin
  • Sicily
  • Raspberyl
  • Desco
  • Santa Usalia
  • Noel
  • Dark Santa Laharl
  • Yukimaru
  • Thursday
  • Gordon
  • Jennifer
  • Mid-Boss
  • 6Girl Laharl
  • Fenrich
  • Usalia
  • Majin Etna
  • Fuka


  • Prism Red
  • Lady Fighter
  • Fight Mistress
  • Green Mage
  • Cleric
  • Ninja
  • Pirate
  • Prinny
  • Rabbit
  • Fairy
  • Slumber Cat
  • Winged Warrior
  • Undead
  • Shroom


  • Master Big Star
  • Nemo
  • Nagi
  • Rutile
  • Stella
  • Apprentice Angel Flonne
  • Archangel Flonne
  • Justice Flonne
  • Etna

Characteristics of Heroes and their Skills

Each hero has six vital characteristics:

  • HP. Character health. It shows the maximum amount of damage he/she can take.
  • SPD. Speed deals with movement time gaps of the player and helps to perform tasks quickly.
  • TK. Responsible for the character’s ability to give physical damage.
  • DEF. Responsible for the character’s ability to defend itself from physical damage. 
  • INT. Indicates intelligence. INT is the character’s ability to deal with sorcerer’s or magical damage.
  • RES. Responsible for resistance to damage caused by magic attacks.

Heroes consist of 3 skills named unique skills, weapon skills, and spells. 

And while in the fight, a character can learn and use up to 4 skills(Poison, sleep, amnesia, paralysis) to inflict damage.

You can upgrade your characters in Mao’s Lab with Reincarnation, Awakening, NE, Mana Allocation, etc.

Disgaea RPG Equipment


There are two types of equipment present in the game: weapons and armor.
The equipment also has characteristics that can be leveled up and added to the general indicators of the hero to strengthen his power.
There are hundreds of weapons in the game which includes

  • Armor
  • Belt
  • Shoes
  • Orb
  • Glasses
  • Muscle
  • Treasure

Equipment can be upgraded either from the Item world or through various rewards from battle.
Rarity and Level of Equipment:

  • Common: rarity from 0 to 30, max LVL 50
  • Rare: rarity from 40 to 69, max LVL 100
  • Legend: rarity from 70 to 100, max LVL 180

Disgaea RPG Weapons

Disgaea RPG Weapons,
  • Sword
  • Knuckle
  • Spear
  • Bow
  • Gun
  • Axe
  • Wand
  • Claw
  • Medal

Item World

Game mode in which you can upgrade your equipment and more!

  • To enter its world, select any Equipment;
  • Levels of enemies inside scale with item rank.
  • Due to this mode’s Auto Advance settings, it is ideal for building Weapon Proficiency and Skills experience.
  • Depending on the rarity of the equipment, the world will have more or fewer floors, and as you go deeper, the enemies will be stronger.


  • Mao’s Lab
  • Dark Assembly
  • Nether Hospital
  • Data Shop
  • Memory Shop

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