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Are you looking for Dress Up! Time Princess Codes? If so, then you’re in the right place!

In the game Dress Up! Time Princess, you – dress up the princesses with Beautiful outfits while experiencing the exquisite story. Most of the time, if you want something good, you need to purchase the items with real money. But by using Dress Up! Time Princess codes you will get premium rewards such as Stamina, Gold, Diamonds, Gold Tickets, Pearls, Gift Boxes, and others free of cost.

You will find all kinds of interesting items in this code list including hairstyles, dresses, shoes, accessories, etc., which are carefully selected by our team. The best part is that they are absolutely free! So, don’t hesitate to use them right away!

The only problem with these redeem codes is that they are time-limited or limited in quantity. Some codes are only valid for the first 100 users or for a limited period of time.

We know how difficult it can be difficult to find working and up-to-date redeem codes. That’s why we shadowknightgaming.com have created this list of all the current Dress Up! Time Princess – Code.

This article will give you a complete guide on how to use them, what they do and where to get New Time Princess Code. Furthermore, whenever we get new Dress Up! Time Princess Codes, we will update the list. So, if you really want some rewards make sure to allow notification from Shadowknightgaming.com, and you will get notified every time we update the article.

What are these Codes?

Dress up Time Princess Codes are sets of special numbers and letters that players can redeem in the game to get rewards for free.

These codes are usually issued during major updates, holidays, special promotions, or other celebrations. It’s important to note that most of these codes are valid for a limited time, so don’t wait until they expire.

As codes can be announced across multiple platforms, including the game’s own social media, it can be difficult to track them. In order to make things easier for you, we’ve gathered all of the Time Princes codes in one place.

Check back periodically to see if any new codes have been released to get more Maud’s Gratitude, diamonds, pearls, gold, gold tickets, stamina, and progress faster in the game.

Dress Up! Time Princess Code

Time Princess Active Code

Below you will find all the Active Dress Up Time Princess redeem codes

  • BWADVX – [Reward: 5 Energy Refills, 50 Additional Multi Battles, 500k Silve 20 Stamina and 5 Parven’s Memento](Added on November 5th, 2021) (New)
  • 89U2WC– [Reward:5 Wool ](Added on November 4th, 2021)
  • 20KNOBLEZA – [100 Stamina] (Added on November 3rd, 2021)
  • EMMAHALLOWEEN– [Reward:  100 Stamina] (Added on November 2nd, 2021)
  • 732KWV –  [Reward:  10 Gold Tickets] (Added on November 2nd,
  • THANKYOUHALF – [Reward:  5 Gold Tickets and 100 Diamonds] (Added on November 1st, 2021)

List of Free Time Princess codes

List of Free Time Princess codes
Time Princess codesRewardDate
2CW2XU5 Gold TicketsOctober 31st, 2021
ERVB3S5 Kitty Deli and 5 Nutri Deli October 29th, 2021
V8TMB450 Stamina, 50 Diamond and 5 Gold Tickets October 29th, 2021
M9RJZB 5 Kitty Deli October 27th, 2021
FANTOMESTP10 Clothing Gift BoxOctober 27th, 2021
SORCIERESTP10 Lantern Gift BoxOctober 27th, 2021
HALLOWEEN2021TPRedeem this code for 100 Diamonds (Added on)October 27th, 2021
LAFAM4IDRedeem this code for 50 Stamina (Added on )October 25th, 2021
PAT1N35Redeem this code for 3 Gold Tickets (Added on October 25th, 2021)October 25th, 2021
P0STUR3OTPRedeem this code for 10 Maud’s Gratitude and 3 Silver Tickets (Added on October 25th, 2021)October 25th, 2021
3MBRUJ4DASRedeem this code for 10,000 Gold and 10 Parven’s Memento (Added on October 25th, 2021)October 25th, 2021
W456WZRedeem this code for 50 Diamond and 5 Cuddle Potion (Added on October 22nd, 2021)October 22nd, 2021
CERHSNRedeem this code for 30 Diamonds (Added on October 21st, 2021) October 21st, 2021
DDVTAZRedeem this code for 30 Stamina 5 Maud’s and Gratitude (Added on October 15th, 2021)October 15th.2021
GGBTSMRedeem this code for 5 Pearl (Added on )October 13th, 2021
C2XENSRedeem this code for 10 Gold Tickets (Added on October 11th, 2021)October 11th, 2021
HSFBGURedeem this code for 5 Lantern Gift Box and 2 Silver Tickets (Added on October 8th, 2021)October 8th, 2021
WG6Z6ARedeem this code for 10,000 Gold (Added on October 7th, 2021)October 7th, 2021
5YG3XFRedeem this code for 100,000 Gold and 10 Gold Tickets (Added on October 4th, 2021)October 4th, 2021
DEUTSCHEEINHEITRedeem this code for 100 Stamina and 1 Gold Ticket (Added on October 3rd, 2021)October 3rd, 2021
EVW4QGRedeem this code for 20 Diamond and 10 Nutri Feed (Added on October 1st, 2021)October 1st, 2021

Dress Up! Time Princess Expired Codes

  • 14JUILLET– [Reward: for 10 Maud’s Gratitude, 10 Lantern Gift Box and 30,000 Gold
  • UZK8S4
  • ENERG1A5 – [Reward:50 Stamina
  • GGBTSM – [Reward:5 Pearl
  • YRKF4W– [Reward: for 100 Stamina
  • W456WZ – [Reward:50 Diamond and 5 Cuddle Potion
  • 42QQHJ
  • DBQ5M7– [Reward: for 10,000 Gold
  • 5YG3XF – [Reward:100,000 Gold and 10 Gold Tickets
  • REINEMARIE21 – [Reward:20 Cuddle Potion
  • CYGNES21 – [Reward:10 Clothing Material Box
  • PALT4V1S
  • XNF6SQ– [Reward: for 10 Clothing Material Box
  • 2QWBEF
  • LLEGAV13R4
  • TTK8Y8
  • EVW4QG – [Reward:20 Diamond and 10 Nutri Feed
  • WG6Z6A – [Reward:10K Gold
  • JOY1T4S – [Reward:3 Silver Tickets and 10 Maud’s Gratitude
  • SEONENGXTP– [Reward: for 50 Stamina and 50 Diamonds
  • DUT777
  • L1L1THRW – [Reward:3 Gold Tickets
  • P0STUR3OTP – [Reward:10 Maud’s Gratitude and 3 Silver Tickets
  • HI3LITTO– [Reward: for 50 Stamina and 10,000 Gold
  • HSFBGU – [Reward:5 Lantern Gift Box and 2 Silver Tickets
  • 88PVHJ– [Reward: for 50 Diamonds, and 5 Cuddle Potions
  • W6RSCC– [Reward: for 20 Parven’s Mementos
  • TPKRIOS1ST– [Reward: for 50 Stamina, 50 Diamond and 10,000 Gold
  • ANNIVERSAIRE2021 – [Reward:10 Cuddle Potion and 50K Gold
  • KUPALA– [Reward: for 10 Lantern Gift Box
  • KANPZT– [Reward: for 10,000 Gold
  • ECOLOGIE2021 – [Reward:50 Diamonds
  • JULYSPARKS– [Reward: for 50 Stamina
  • 6MGEK9– [Reward: for 10 Clothing Material Box
  • 3MBRUJ4DAS – [Reward:10,000 Gold and 10 Parven’s Memento
  • G4TITO5– [Reward: for 5 Mew Organics and 5 Kitty Bell
  • P29BAP
  • RNG4V4– [Reward: for 100 Stamina
  • MERCI2021 – [Reward:20K Gold
  • LIVE2021 – [Reward:3 Gold Tickets
  • 8W3ZQX– [Reward: for 10,000 Gold
  • VITTOLOVE– [Reward: for 50 Stamina and 50 Diamonds
  • 9XYJAP– [Reward: for 5 Silver Tickets
  • C54JNV– [Reward: for 10 Passion Potion, and 10 Maud’s Gratitdue.
  • RMM39J – [Reward:3 Silver Tickets
  • CERHSN – [Reward:30 Diamonds
  • C2XENS – [Reward:10 Gold Tickets
  • 6QU3NU– [Reward: for 2 Gold Tickets
  • DAEB4KTP– [Reward: for 3 Gold Tickets
  • T6ZS2G
  • RAUYH4– [Reward: for 5 Maud’s Gratitude
  • TPMOON – [Reward:60 Stamina, 5 Leaf Bookmark and 5 Lantern Gift Box
  • QXD7JC
  • ORPHELINE21 – [Reward:10 Lantern Gift Box
  • B3CAR1OS – [Reward:10,000 Gold and 10 Parven’s Mementos
  • DDVTAZ – [Reward:30 Stamina, 5 Maud’s, and Gratitude
  • ARS3N1C0– [Reward: for 10 Maud’s Gratitude and 5 Silver Tickets

How to Redeem Dress up Time Princess Codes

How to Redeem Time Princess Codes

Do you have a working code, but aren’t sure how to enter it in Dress Up Time Princess? To redeem your rewards for Dress Up Time Prince, just follow the steps below.
Note: Each account can only redeem the code once.

  1. Open the Dress Up Time Princess game.
  2. Go to the top left corner of your main screen and click your profile photo.
  3. Then Click Others.
  4. Click on Redemption Code. 
  5. Enter your code correctly and click Enter.
  6. Check to see if the rewards have arrived in your inbox.

How to get New Dress Up! Time Princess Codes?

The Dress Up Time Princess codes are announced on games’ official social media outlets, such as Facebook, Reddit, and Discord. Codes are typically published on special occasions like milestones, festivals, partnerships, and special events. Once they are available, we will update this article. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for new codes.

Dress Up! Time Princess
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Dress Up! Time Princess

Dress up! Time Princess is a game you play as a modern woman who travels back in time, appearing in bygone eras as some of the most fashionable women in history. You can choose your outfits as you play, but you can also alter the course of history with your choices.
As Marie Antoinette, you have to embark on a fascinating adventure filled with secrets, secrets, 18th-century entourage, stylish outfits and charismatic heroes. With a manor at your disposal, you will be able to travel through the most interesting game stories with a unique plot and charming features, heroes, secrets, and outfits.
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