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Welcome to Dynasty Scrolls wiki! Here is everything you need to know about the game Dynasty Scrolls / Dynasty Origins Pioneer.

Dynasty scrolls (now known as Dynasty Origins Pioneer) is an online idle RPG game that was released globally by Singaporean game developers – Youzo interactive Pte. Ltd for Android and iOS.

The Dynasty scrolls aren’t just any other role-playing game,  the twist to the tale here is, the players get to choose characters from china! Along with it, the game contains loads of fantasy and real history too. So, if anyone one of you is a history buff, this is the one that provides knowledge along with loads of entertainment.

Dynasty scrolls is a casual RPG game, which allows users to fight battles with other such users and win rewards. The dynasty scrolls also have a VIP system, wherein, players can spend real money to acquire various in-game gifts like characters, outfits, skins, etc. This money can also be used to upgrade the characters of the player.

Game Info

Dynasty scrolls, Dynasty Origins Pioneer logo
Game nameDynasty scrolls
PublisherYouzo interactive
DeveloperYouzo interactive
PlatformAndroid, iOS
Release dateDecember 21, 2020
In-game currencyPrestige
GenreRole-playing, Fantasy, Adventure, History


Dynasty scrolls - Dynasty Origins Pioneer Factions

There are multiple hero factions in this game whose primary difference is in the damage they deal. Along with strengths, they come with cons too.


Damage type – higher damage per second, controlled Rage. 

Cons: They can’t induce good front row damage.


Damage type – higher damage to a single target, and is strong against the first row of opponents, restores fury more quickly than other faction heroes. 

Cons: They lack the skill to control.


Damage type – heavy damage to the back row of opponents. Wu can blaze enemies, induce composed hits to the enemy

Cons: Wu cannot induce good damage to the frontline enemies.

Warlord (Warlords)

Damage type-  area damage. They possess the special powers of Poison and Control. Warlords can hinder the damage effects from the enemy’s move than other faction heroes.

Cons: Warlords cannot induce desirable damage to a single target.

Further, each faction contains multiple characters whose strengths and weaknesses are at different levels from each other. 


Dynasty Scrolls Gameplay

The dynasty scrolls game involves battles which are fought by the player against other players and sometimes the computer too. The players can choose the characters that are to be present in a battle from a strategic point of view, use each character’s special power to their advantage, and win battles. Conquering battles will provide you with experience points and special gifts as awards.

The players also get to do missions daily and win rewards for completing them. These daily missions are of 2 types – 

  1. Regular missions
  2. Surprise missions

Surprise missions are more difficult than regular missions but at the same time, you get more rewards for completing them.

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Daily missions may include tasks like – 

  1. Send stamina to friends 20 times;
  2. Play Hero Battle 3 times.
  3. Use 10 combat chances;
  4. Play Warrior Trials 8 times.
  5. Play “Biography” side-quest 5 times (including blitz);
  6. Play the arena 20 times;
  7. Complete 30 Story Instances.
  8. Complete Legion Instances 2 times.
  9. Help friends suppress the uprising 5 times;
  10. Complete the patrol 1 time.
  11. Refresh the weapon shop 5 times;
  12. Purchase 4 stamina;
  13. Spend 800 gold

The players can spend their in-game currency, in an Arena shop, equipment shop, monster shop, and legion shop where they can buy items, scrolls, military equipment, and rewards. 

In this way, the players must earn experience points and level up their characters gradually to become the best. 

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