The Best Elden Ring Builds to Conquer any Foe

Builds generally stands for weapons, armor, stats, and the starting class that you choose to tackle player-vs-player and player-vs-environment encounters single-handedly. Roleplaying lovers mostly opt for builds as they need specific stats and weapons. This article features some of the best Elden Ring builds that you can choose for the best results.

Best Elden Ring Builds

After extensive experimentation and testing by pro players, here are some Elden ring builds with stats according to various situations in the game.

You can increase these stats by upgrading weapons with Elden Ring Runes, but this is optional. These builds contain everything from armor to offhand weapons and talismans and more!

Here is the list of Elden Ring Builds that we will be covering in this article –

Dexterity/Arcane Build

Best Elden Ring Builds

Arcane is a difficult build in Elden ring compared to other builds as it stays irrelevant to a certain point in the game and suddenly becomes an important aspect afterward.

For the primary weapon of this build, the rivers of blood katana is the best choice as it is a powerful sword in the game. It can slice through even the hardest of enemies to cause hemorrhage status and inflict bleed damage. 

The fun increases with each hit, all thanks to the corpse piler skill, which increases the bleed damage with a quick sequence of slashes. Wield two weapons at the same time by equipping the katana in the offhand slot and increasing the damage from bleeding to the maximum. 

You have to make a hard choice between using katana as a single-handed or a dual-handed sword, as both versions have their pros and cons. When it comes to armor, pro players advise for the white mask of the helm or the mask of confidence. 

The white mask of the helm, along with the exaltation of the Lord of blood talisman, boosts the overall damage output of your character when you deal damage by bleeding your enemy. Below are all the weapons and other requirements of this build, so everything goes according to the plan. 

  • Dexterity and Arcane as primary stats
  • Vigor, Endurance, and Mind as secondary stats
  • Rivers of blood Katana as the primary weapon
  • Uchigatana as the offhand weapon
  • White mask of the helm or the mask of confidence as armor
  •  Carian Filigreed crest, winged sword insignia, and the Lord of blood’s exultation as talismans  

Intelligence Build

Magic lovers who want to kill monsters by casting high damage dealing spells should opt for this build as it increases sorcery.

For killing enemies, this build relies on a single blast of liquid blue-colored cosmic energy. By doing the most damage with magical energy only, this build can tackle any high-level boss single-handedly. 

The main spell of this intelligence build is comet Azur which is undoubtedly one of the most powerful spells in the whole game. With this spell, step into the arena, wait for the spell to charge, cast it to finish the enemy, and that’s it.

Some end-game bosses have some pretty big health bars, and you can’t kill them by casting the comet Azur once.

With the base FP, you can cast this spell once, but you can equip the medallion and the Glintstone blade to increase the FP and cast it more than once. Comet is the main weapon of this build, but it is recommended to fill all the other slots with ranged equipment. 

  • Intelligence and mind as primary stats, while vigor and endurance as secondary stats
  • Glintstone staff of Lusat as a primary weapon
  • Glintstone crown of Lusat or the Crescent crown of Queen as armor
  • Primal Glintstone Blade, Graven Mass Talisman, Cerulean Amber Medallion, and Graven school as talismans 
  • Comet Azur as the main spell

Faith build

Best Elden Ring Builds

For aggressive players who lead from the front, the faith build offers the best offensive stats with a touch of magic.

The winged scythe is the primary weapon as it can cut through any enemy effortlessly with dark magic. Wings of angel skill will prevent healing of target hits, making it a deadly combo for player-vs-player encounters. 

If you are equipped with a powerful class, there is a second option of the dual-handed greatsword as the primary weapon of this build. This sword buffed with the spell of the black flame blade and the rapid combos of talismans is enough to get you out of any difficult situation.

  • Faith and Mind as Primary stats
  • Dexterity, vigor, endurance, and strength as secondary stats
  • Winged scythe or the Greatsword of God slayer as the primary weapon
  • Gold slayer seal as the secondary weapon
  • The Haligtree knight helm as armor
  • Winged sword insignia, god skin swaddling cloth, and the faithful canvas as talismans
  • Black flame blade and black flame as spells. 

Strength Build

This is a melee build of heavy iron swords which can hit enemies and crush them with their weight. It uses a weapon with the best strength scaling along with armor to protect you from enemy attacks. If you are a low-level player or want to buy the currency, MMOPIXEL is the best option for you. Below are suggestions for stats, weapons, armor, etc.  

  • Strength is primary, with endurance, vigor, and dexterity as secondary stats
  • Giant crusher as primary as well as an offhand weapon
  • Omen smirk mask armor
  • Ritual Sword Talisman, Great Jar’s Arsenal, Radagon’s Scarseal, and Starscourge Heirloom as talismans

Dexterity/Intelligence Build

For the dexterity and intelligence build, the Moonveil is the best primary weapon, while the Glintstone staff of Lusat is the offhand weapon.

The Moonveil is a powerful katana as it can scale dexterity and intelligence stats along with the transient moonlight special skill. You can land a powerful blow with the katana and create a high damage wave in front of you. 

  • Dexterity, mind, and intelligence as primary stats
  • Endurance and vigor as secondary stats
  • Moonveil is the primary weapon, during the Glintstone staff of Lusat as the secondary weapon
  • Ancestral Spirit’s Horn and Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger as talismans
  • Glintstone Pebble, Loretta’s Greatbow, Comet Azur, and Carian Longsword as spells