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Lee Hyeong Seob, also known as Athena Gaming, is a South Korea PUBG Mobile Player/Streamer. Serioton also has a YouTube channel where he usually Livestreams PUBG Mobile. He is best known for his sniping skills and close-quarter fights, as well as pro-level gaming skills.

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Lee Hyeong Seob
Athena PUBG ,
Personal information
Born 29 AUGUST
Country Korea
Nationality Korean
Career information
Games PUBG Mobile
Esports Team Name ROK.ARMY
Esports Team History 2019-06-26 – Present ROK.ARMY
In-Game Name Serioton
Controls Four fingers claw
Role: assaulters
IGL kisillll
Team Members kisillll, MOK*Gaming
Management Spacestation Gaming
Sponsors Champion, Scuf Gaming, B&H Photo Video
YouTube information
Channel ATHENA Gaming
Start 9 March 2014
Years active 2017-present
Subscribers 1.99M
Total views 144,985,388 views
Silver Play buttons 28 June 2019
PUBG ID 694984807

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Athena Gaming Biography

The real name of the PUBG Mobile Player Athena is, Lee Hyeong Seob. He is a Korean Player/streamer and was Born on 29 August in South Korea. Lee Hyeong Seob, better known as Athena, is the founder of ATHENA Gaming. PUBG ID Number of Athena Gaming is 694984807, and PUBG Character ID is Serioton. Serioton started his youtube channel on 9 March 2014. Lee has more than 1.4 million subscribers on his youtube channel. Athena is a very famous PUBG player. He is a pro PUBG mobile player. He Provides Fresh PUBG Content on his youtube channel. His every Video crosses an average of 300k + Views.

From whatever limited we know, he is not officially a member of any esports team; as most of the time, he is seen playing solo (or sometimes DUO) matches. He is the most popular YouTube streamer and PUBG Mobile player from Korea.

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Athena PUBG facts

  • The real name of the owner of Athena gaming is Lee Hyeong Seob
  • Athena started his youtube channel on 9 March 2014
  • Serioton was Born on 29 August in South Korea
  • He doesn’t read Instagram DM

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Most Searched Questions about Athena

Q.Who is Athena?

Ans: Athena is a Famous Korean Mobile Gamer and streamer. He is best known for his sniping skills and close-range battles in PUBG Mobile, as well as his pro-level PUBG Mobile skills.

Q.What is the real name of Athena?

Ans: Lee Hyeong Seob.

Q.Which phone does Athena use?

Ans: Athena uses iPad Pro (10.5 inch).

Q.How much does Athena earn from Youtube?

Ans: Approximately $2000.


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