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Dynamo gaming is among the biggest Indian gamers to date. With millions of followers on social media and 9 million + subscribers on YouTube, he is easily among the most popular in recent years too, but who is this Dynamo gaming in real life? In this article, we will take a look at the guy Dynamo, his life as a renowned PUBG Mobile Player, and the journey of Aditya to becoming the face of the Indian Gaming Community.

Dynamo Gaming Biodata

dynamo gaming,
In-Game NameDynamo Gaming
Real NameAaditya Deepak Sawant
Date of Birth18th April 1996

Aaditya Deepak Sawant (Adii), or Dynamo as the people popularly know him, is an Indian gamer who hails from the state of Maharashtra. He was born in Mumbai on 18th April 1996 in a Marathi family. His father, Deepak Sawant, is a school teacher. Aditya is the firstborn of his parents and has a younger sister named Aaradhya Sawant. Currently, he lives with his family in Lokhanvala Complex Andheri West Mumbai.

After completing his schooling, Aaditya studied business management.

Height, Weight & Body

Dynamo Body
Height 6′ 3″ or 1.9 meters
Weight70 KG
Shoe Size 9 inches
Skin ColourFair
Eye ColorBrown
Hair Color Black


GamesPUBG Mobile
Esports Team NameHydra
Esports Team HistoryHydra (2019- Present)
In-Game NameH¥DRA | DYNAMO
Controls6 Fingers Claw and 2 Fingers (Gyroscope Always ON)
YouTube ChannelDynamo Gaming
Approx. Total Earnings$100K+

Introduction to Gaming:

On June 25th, 2019, Aditya Sawant published a video on his YouTube channel Dynamo Gaming in which he talked in detail about his offline life and how he was introduced to gaming.

Aditya and his passion for gaming started fairly early during his school days. According to Dynamo, his gaming journey began when he was in the 6th grade. One Saturday afternoon Adi and one of his friends came across a shop a couple of km away from their school. Dynamo describes the shop as something like a game parlor where people were playing video games on TV. This intrigued Dynamo and he came back the very next day to watch people play. The day after, Aditya saved his tiffin money and went to the shop to play games with it. For the next three years from 6th to 9th grade, this became his regular routine. Aditya would save his tiffin money and use it to play games in the shop with it.

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dynamo gaming bio,

Later, Aditya started playing games on an old laptop at his home. The first games he played were IGI and Roadrush. Young dynamo was also introduced to DOTA by one of his cousins during his school years.

Pre-YouTube Stardom:

Aditya opened his YouTube channel named Dynamo Gaming in 2011 at the age of 16. He used to upload playthroughs of a wide range of video games, which included the likes of Battlefield, battlefield 2, battlefield 4, Dota 2, and G.T.A. However, his content didn’t get many views, and Dynamo gaming remained unknown to the Indian gaming community.

First PUBG Gameplay:

With the coming of Jio’s affordable high-speed mobile internet, India saw a massive increase in the number of daily internet users. Which, in turn, helped Mobile games like PUBG gain a lot of popularity. Dynamo gaming posted his first PUBG gameplay on his channel in early 2017. At first, Aditya started playing PUBG Mobile along with PUBG PC, but he didn’t gain much viewership and popularity in his live streams. The same year in August, Dynamo gaming live-streamed PUBG Mobile for the first time.

Breakthrough and Birth of Dynamo as a YouTube Star:

In August 2017, Dynamo gaming posted a video of PUBG Mobile gameplay that went viral. The playthrough was the first video of Dynamo gaming that gained so many views. After that video, the channel saw a steady rise in viewership and Dynamo became known as a PUBG Mobile gamer to the masses.

Dynamogaming with his fans 1

Aditya disclosed later in an interview with Tech2 that he still watches the video, and he feels terrific. Since the viral clip, multiple people came to visit him in each game. “Meeting fans like this is a bit weird, but it is great feeling none the less” the YouTuber explains.

The rise in the Popularity of Dynamo and Streaming:

With the increase in popularity of PUBG Mobile, Dynamo gaming’s popularity also skyrocketed. Dynamo’s flawless headshots using Kar 98k became especially popular among his fans and followers. Soon enough, Dynamo became a household name of almost all Indian gamers.

Dynamo started live streaming on various platforms with the rise of his popularity as a PUBG Mobile player. During live streams, Dynamo can be heard shouting phrases like “Patt se headshot ” and his trademark all-time fan favourite dialogue” Baap se panga nahi lete bete


Today Dynamo is among the most popular PUBG Mobile streamer in India. In terms of subscriber base, Dynamo gaming is the largest Indian gaming channel on YouTube.

Dynamo Gaming,

With 9.2 million+ subscribers on YouTube, Dynamo Gaming is growing rapidly. Aditya gets more than a million views in a day consistently. Almost all his PUBG Mobile live streams cross half a million views. In fact, in the last 30 Days, Dynamo Gaming got 26 million+ views.

Apart from PUBG Mobile Aaditya Sawant also streams a variety of PC games such as GTA V and Valorant.

Team Roster

dynamo's team hydra
Team MembersHRISHAV, Python, emperor, hydra_bts, Alpha, Zeus, wrath
CEOOktay Olcen
Coaches Hou “Feel” Yuesen
SponsorsRaven, Gizer, YOTA B
Twitch, Tencent Video

Dynamo Girlfriend

The name of Dynamo’s girlfriend is Kanika Bisht.

Dynamo Girlfriend

Kanika also plays PUBG Mobile and is a member of the Hydra Clan. Her in-game name is HYDRA丨KANI. Several times we have seen Dynamo and his girlfriend playing Team Deathmatch matches on live streams. It is no wonder that Kanika was pretty good at PUBG Mobile.

A part from being a gamer, Kanika is also very active on Instagram. Here is a photo she recently posted on IG.

Dynamo Girlfriend
Dynamo’s Girlfriend Kanika Bisht

Dynamo’s PUBG Mobile ID

dynamo gaming pubg id

Dynamo Gaming PUBG Mobile ID is 591948701.

Alias or In-game Name: H¥DRA | DYNAMO

What Devices does Dynamo Gaming Use?

Dynamo used to play PUBG Mobile on his PC using android emulators. Here are the specs of his PC. Here are the spec of his PC

CPUIntel i9 10900
MotherboardAsrock Z490 Taichi
GPUZotac RTX 2080Ti Arcticstorm
RAMT-Force RGB Memory 64GB (4x16GB) 3600MHz
MonitorBenq XL2546 Zowie 240 Hz Gaming Monitor
HeadsetRazer Kraken 7.1 & Logitech G430 7.1 Surround

However, now he has permanently shifted to smartphones. He is using this setup for live stream and to play other PC games.

For Mobile games Dynamo generally uses iPhone XS Max. However, he is recently trying out ASUS ROG Phone 5.

Dynamo Gaming Net worth and Earnings

Dynamo buys Audi A6

Dynamo earns from Google AdSense, super chat, and donations. A named YouTuber Captain India calculated the earnings of Dynamo Gaming through super chats and memberships. It is estimated that Dynamo earns 2200 -2300 rupees (30$) for every hour of a live stream.

Another website Socialblade estimated Dynamo’s gross income at $6.7K – $100K+ per month from YouTube alone. However, we will recommend our readers to take these numbers with a grain of salt as these are just speculations.

Dynamo also receives sponsorship from many brands such as OnePlus, Samsung, Tencent, and, most importantly, PUBG Mobile. Taking all this into account we assume that Dynamo Gaming has a net worth of $2 Million or 148191000 Indian Rupees.

Social Media Accounts

YouTube aside, Aaditya Deepak Sawant continues to enjoy massive popularity across various Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Here is a list of all his social media accounts with the number of followers/ subscribers.

Instagram2 Million Followers
Facebook377,285 Followers
Twitter153.9K Followers
Youtube9.2M subscribers
Discord433,383 Members

Controversies Surrounding Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming,

Like most people who shot to fame, Adi also had his fair shares of controversies. From the early days of his PUBG Mobile live streaming, Aditya, better known by his in-game name Dynamo, used to play PUBG Mobile using emulators. Many YouTubers disliked this, and they started trolling Dynamo Gaming. Some also spread rumours about how Dynamo gaming uses dishonest means (cheat codes/hacks) to win games. However, nothing was proved, and it is safe to say that these accusations are entirely baseless rumours spread by haters.

Despite all the negative publicity, Dynamo remained popular, and his fanbase continued to increase. Recently Aditya completely shifted from emulators to playing PUBG Mobile on Phone. All of his recent streams show him play using a phone. Currently, Dynamo uses an iPhone XS Max and sometimes ASUS ROG Phone 5 for his PUBG Mobile streams.

Esports Achievements

Dynamo Gaming,

In 2019 PUBG Mobile became the most popular game in the play store. Owing to the enormous success of the game, the developers started PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) with a total prize of $250,000. Dynamo, with 429140 votes, attained the first position after the final round of votes. Recently Dynamo was also invited to Taipei Taiwan for the shooting of YouTube web series. 15 other PUBG Mobile content creators from around the world are also said to be participating in that. Aditya has also played with other prominent YouTube gamers like Kloten and Carryminati in a few events.

4thShowm.Streamers ShowdownHydra$0
8thC-TierIndia Today League PUBGM InvitationalHydra$79
12thS-TierPUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019Hydra$5,000
5thShowm.NIMO Streamers Battle S-2Hydra$0
6thShowm.NIMO Streamers BattleHydra$0

Dynamo Gaming Charity events

In 2019 Dynamo gaming did a charity stream for the slain Indian soldiers in terror attacks and raised 101000 rupees. The channel is also said to have raised an unknown amount of money through charity live streams for flood victims in Bihar.

Dynamo Gaming Controls Layout and PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings

Controls Layout

Dynamo Gaming Controls Layout
Dynamo Gaming Controls Layout

Dynamo Gaming Sensitivity Settings

Camera Sensitivity (free look)

Dynamo gaming camera sensitivity (Free Look) settings

3rd Person Camera (Character, Vehicle): 100%
Camera (Parachuting): 125%
1st Person Camera (Character): 140%


Affects the sensitivity of the camera when the screen is swiped without firing.

Dynamo gaming Camera Sensitivity settings
3rd Person No Scope95%
1st Person No Scope100%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist70%
2x Scope, Win 9442%
3x Scope30%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS20%
6x Scope20%
8x Scope12%

ADS Sensitivity

Affects the sensitivity of the camera when the screen is swiped while firing. Can be used to keep the barrel down.

Dynamo gaming ADS Sensitivity settings
3rd Person No Scope100%
1st Person No Scope125%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist60%
2x Scope, Win 9410%
3x Scope30%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS1%
6x Scope1%
8x Scope1%

Gyroscope Sensitivity

When the Gyroscope is activated, the sensitivity of the tilt camera controls can be adjusted.

Dynamo gaming Gyroscope Sensitivity settings
3rd Person No Scope200%
1st Person No Scope209%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist200%
2x Scope, Win 94200%
3x Scope95%
4x ACOG Scope, VSS80%
6x Scope100%
8x Scope50%


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