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Purin Rongkhankaew(ภูรินษ์ ร้องขันแก้ว) best known as MiTH Stoned(where MiTH stands for “Made in Thailand”) is a 20-year-old Thai PUBG Mobile player who is often regarded as one of the best players of the game. He has become a PUBG Mobile sensation in no time owing to his charming looks and amazing performance in the PGL Peacekeeper Elite Streamer Championship S2 held in March 2021, and the BINANCE Battle of Asia 2020 in October 2020.

MiTH Stoned Biodata

MiTH Stoned,
NameMiTH | Stoned
Real NamePurin Rongkhankaew
Date of BirthDecember 21, 2000

Purin Rongkhankaew started his eSports career with DEMO ESPORT, which he joined on September 1, 2018, at the very young age of 17. He worked with them only for a little more than two months before signing up with MEGA_Conqueror/Mobile. This is where he spent the next two years before the biggest turning point of his career in 2020. On January 3, 2020, he joined the MiTH Mobile line-up and has been playing for the MiTHConqueror clan since then.

MiTH or “Made in Thailand” is a Thai Esports team, as the name itself suggests. Earlier, MiTH’s participation was only restricted to CS: GO and PUBG PC, but their great success in PUBG Mobile encouraged them to create a line-up for the same.

Career information

Stoned Achievements
GamesCS: GO, PUBG PC, and PUBG Mobile
Esports Team NameMade in Thailand (Mobile)
Esports Team HistoryDEMO ESPORT (September 1, 2018, to November 12, 2018) MEGA_Conqueror/Mobile {November 13, 2018, to January 2, 2020} MiTH Mobile (January 3 2020 to Present)
In-Game NameMiTH | Stoned
Controls4 Claw
PageStoned Gaming
Total likes22K+
Approx. Total Earnings$31,118

Team Roster

mith esports
Team MembersRoDFIAT, Stoned, PONDzai, OnLine24
RegionSoutheast Asia
Management Weerasak “KirosZ” Boonchu
SponsorsLogitech G, Twitch, DXRacer
MSI, Arena+, CuteBoy Shop

MiTH Stoned Girlfriend

MiTH Stoned’s Girlfriend Thanaporn Thepsongkram

MiTH Stoned’s Girlfriend name Thanaporn Thepsongkram. They are is dating.

For those who don’t know, Thanaporn Thepsongkram is a Female PUBG Mobile professional. She and was the leader of the Thai PUBG Mobile Team, LYNX TH before joining Valdus EUFROSINE.

Much like her boyfriend Thanaporn Thepsongkram is better known by her in-game name – Earn and has a very good Kill to Death ratio or K/D of more than 9.

MiTH Stoned with his girlfriend

Height, Weight & Body Type

MiTH Stoned has a medium build and his height also seems to be average, but detailed information on his physique is not available yet.

MiTH Stoned Body
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Shoe Size Unknown
Skin ColourPale white
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorNaturally black but has green colored streaks


ID: 5246031323

Alias or In-game Name: His Roman name is Purin Rongkhankaew, whereas his In-game name is MiTH | Stoned.

MiTH Stoned PUBG Mobile ID


Purin Rongkhankaew plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone pro max and iPhone Xr.


Although it is difficult to find accurate information on any esports player’s earnings and net worth, as not much data is available,  MiTH Stoned’s approximate total earnings are $31,118, according to Liquipedia and his net worth could be estimated to be 0.50 million Dollars.


mith.stoned Earnings
2021-03-022ndShowm.PGL Peacekeeper Elite Streamer Championship S2Team Thailand$7,729
2020-10-132ndB-TierBINANCE Battle of Asia 2020MiTH$7,500
2020-09-203rdA-TierPUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: Thailand LeagueMiTH$2,566
2020-03-224thA-TierPUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: Thailand LeagueMiTH$1,997
2019-12-296thS-TierPeacekeeper Elite Championship 2019MEGA Conqueror$11,435
2019-12-013rdS-TierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global FinalsMEGA Conqueror$55,000
2019-11-033rdA-TierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: SEA ChampionshipMEGA Conqueror$15,000
2019-10-271stB-TierAxis PUBG Mobile League 2019 Wildcard AsiaMEGA Conqueror$4,778
2019-10-133rdA-TierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: SEA LeagueMEGA Conqueror$7,100
2019-07-273rdA-TierPUBG Mobile Thailand Championship 2019MEGA Conqueror$3,237

MiTH Stoned Sensitivity Settings and Controls Layout

Controls Layout

Mith Stoned Controls Layout


Camera Sensitivity (free look)

MiTH-Stoned free look camera Settings

3rd Person Camera (Character, Vehicle): 100%
Camera (Parachuting): 80%
1st Person Camera (Character): 70%


Affects the sensitivity of the camera when the screen is swiped without firing.

MiTH Stoned Camera Sensitivity Settings

3rd Person No Scope: 70%
1st Person No Scope: 70%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 47%
2x Scope: 30%
3x Scope, Win94: 25%
4x Scope, VSS: 18%
6x Scope: 12%
8x Scope: 8%

ADS Sensitivity

Affects the sensitivity of the camera when the screen is swiped while firing. Can be used to keep the barrel down.

MithStoned ADS Sensitivity

3rd Person No Scope: 75%
1st Person No Scope: 75%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 47%
2x Scope: 30%
3x Scope, Win94: 25%
4x Scope, VSS: 18%
6x Scope: 12%
8x Scope: 8%

Gyroscope Sensitivity

When the Gyroscope is activated, the sensitivity of the tilt camera controls can be adjusted.

MiTH Stoned Gyro Sensitivity Settings

3rd Person No Scope: 215%
1st Person No Scope: 215%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 233%
2x Scope: 170%
3x Scope, Win94: 150%
4x Scope, VSS: 147%
6x Scope: 77%
8x Scope: 35%

Mith Stoned Graphics Setting

Graphics: Smooth
Frame Rate: Extreme
Style: classic
Anti Aliasing: Enable
Brightness: 150%
Non-Standard Screens: Notched

Other Basic and Pickup Settings

Aim Assist: Disable
Block Sight Warning: Enable
Bolt Action Rifle and Crossbow Firing mode: Release
Shotgun Firing Mode: Tap
Peek And Fire: Disable
Peek and Open scope: Enable
Lean Mode: Mixed
Scope mode: Tap
Display Left Side Fire Button: Always On
Gyroscope Scope: on
Auto-Open Doors: Enable
Healing Prompt: Disable
Play Emote: Enable
Jump/Climb: Combine
Damage Effect: REd
1st Person Perspective Camera view: 103

Pick-Up Setting

Auto Pickup Enable
Stop Auto Pickup When List is collapsed Enable
Auto pickup Level 3 Bag Pickups Enable
Auto Pickup Pistols Enable

Throw able Pickup Setting

Frag Grenades: 5
Smoke Grenades: 7
Molotov cocktail: 1
Stun Grande: —


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