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Bawonchai Han, better known as RRQ D2E, is a Thai Professional PUBG Mobile player and streamer. He is a member of RRQ Athena, which is one of the biggest Mobile Esports Teams. Bawonchai Han wasn’t always a part of RRQ. He started his career by playing for Burnout and later joined SOS Athena before finally moving to RRQ Athena. Presently, RRQ D2E is regarded as one of the best PUBG Mobile players in the world.

Bawonchai Han (บวรชัย ฮัน)
 D2E, D2E Real name, Thai PUBG Player, RRQ D2E Biography,
Personal information
Born 31 Oct 1995
Nickname Dee
Birthplace Bangkok, Thailand
Career information
Games PUBG Mobile
Esports Team RRQ Athena
PUBG ID 512269986
In-Game Name RRQ D2E
Esports Earnings $125,803(Estd)
Role: Sniper
RRQ Athena Roster
Team Members Beer11, D2E, Earnny, G9, Senior
Management RRQ Athena
Sponsors Omlet Arcade
YouTube information
Channel RRQ D2E
Joined 11 Sept 2018
Years active 2018-present
Subscribers 391K
Total views 26,239,008
Silver Play buttons 28 Jun 2019
Gold Play buttons Not Yet
INSTA rrq_d2e

RRQ D2E Biography

RRQ D2E, D2E, D2E Real name, Thai PUBG Player

Bawonchai Han (บวรชัย ฮัน) is a 24-year-old professional PUBG Mobile player from Bangkok, Thailand. Better known by his in-game name D2E, Bawonchai is a permanent member of one of the biggest mobile esports corporation, Rex Regum Qeon or RRQ (hence the name RRQ D2E).

D2E uses the four-fingers claw technique and is known for his exceptional sniping and close combat skills. Han’s skill has won him a nickname – the killing machine of RRQ.

RRQ D2E, RRQ WIN PMSC 2019, RRQ D2E best pubg player
RRQ win PMSC 2019

Han has represented RRQ in various official PUBG Mobile tournaments like PMSC, PMCO, Crew Challenge, Indonesia tournament centre, and more. One of his greatest achievements came in the year 2018 when Team RRQ won PUBG Mobile Star Challange 2018 global finals.

Bawonchai started his youtube channel, RRQ D2E Esport, in 2018 after winning the PMSC 2018 regional. After PMSC global finals victory, RRQ D2E Esport reached 100k subscribers in a few days. D2E regularly streams PUBG Mobile on youtube channel using his iPhone 8plus.

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RRQ Mainline Up

The skills and reflexes of this 24-year-old guy are incredible. D2E has consistently been a conqueror player in many seasons, with an outstanding KD ratio. Here is a quick look at D2E’s esports carrier.

Carrier Results

Date Placement Tier Tournament Team Prize
2019-12-14 2nd Premier PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup 2019 RRQ $60,000
2019-12-01 7th Premier PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals RRQ $8,000
2019-11-03 1st Major PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: SEA Championship RRQ $35,000
2019-09-08 1st Premier PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 RRQ $100,000
2019-07-28 4th Premier PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global Finals RRQ $20,000
2019-06-30 1st Minor PUBG Mobile Thailand Championship 2019: Miramar Division RRQ $2,666.67
2019-06-23 1st Major PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: SEA Championship RRQ $30,000
2018-12-09 1st Minor Fighting League 2018 – Thailand RRQ $7,117.22
2018-12-01 1st Premier PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 RRQ $200,000
2018-11-24 1st Major PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 – Asia RRQ $20,000
Mortal with G9 and D2E
D2E with G9 and MortaL

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Known Facts about RRQ D2E

  • RRQ D2E hails from Thailand.
  • So far, Han has won 90% of PUBG Mobile tournaments that he participated in.
  • D2E has a twin brother. Bawonchai Han is the younger one.
  • Han’s girlfriend’s name is Tonfon Natchaya Keadmongkon.

    D2E with his girlfriend
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