Exos Heroes Wiki

This Exos heroes wiki article contains all the details about the game, that a beginner needs to know for an ultimate gaming experience.

Exos heroes is a fantasy, turn-based role-playing game, developed by Oozoo Inc. and published by LINE games corporation globally. It can be played on both Android and iOS devices.


The story of Exos heroes is unlike any other game you’ve ever played. The game will surely keep you on your toes while you experience this unique RPG.

The Exos continent appears to be a peaceful kingdom from the outside, but things are rarely what they seem from afar. Unrest is being caused by the ambitious King Shufraken of North von Frosty, in an attempt to kill the emperor and sit on the throne himself. But To succeed in his sinister ploy he must first recover all the relics and gain the power of Accor. 

In these times of power struggle, the hero of the game and his friends set out on an adventure to find the relics of the accor for their own. The game begins with the search for exestruck, the missing sword of the emperor, and the curse of the ancient dragon.

What awaits the hero and his party? Does he make an enemy out of King Shufraken’s, also looking for the artifacts? Well, this is something for you to find out for yourselves.

Game Play

Exos heroes characters

As you begin the game, the first thing you will need to do is to build a team of champions to battle against your enemies. As for story mode, the game contains 10 chapters in total, and the player can go to the next chapter if he completes the previous ones. 

This game also contains a PVP or player vs player mode called the zebenstunier, where players can battle each other online. 

What Are Dungeons?

Dungeons are challenges that one can participate in to get various equipment and resources upon completion. The rewards are beneficial for upgrading the heroes to make them stronger. 

These challenges are of different types 

Experience SanctumFarm XP Scrolls to level up heroes
Spirit Sanctum and Blessing SanctumObtain materials to enhance and bless heroes
Ancient Gold Mine and Shelter of AvariceFarm Gold
Solar Trade Route and Lunar Trade RouteFarm Equipment
Holy Dragon Grounds and Air Squadron BattleBoss Raid to farm special tokens to trade for powerful items
Yupir’s LabyrinthFarm Xes aka Currency to Purchase Shop Items or Gacha

And many more…

Daily Quests

As the name itself suggests, these quests can be completed every day in return for rewards. Daily quests are unlocked only after players have reached a certain point in the story mode of the game. You can move on to one quest only if the previous quest is completed.

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