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About the Game

Figure Fantasy Appicon
Game nameFigure Fantasy
Developer(s)Flow Entertainment
Platform(s)Android, iOS
ReleaseSeptember 27th, 2021 in China
Genre(s)Anime role-playing, Strategy

Game Description

Figure Fantasy

KomoeGame and Reflex Fox have created Figure Fantasy, a gacha positioning-based strategy roleplaying game. Your goal is to assemble a squad that works well together and knocks the crap out of the bad guys. Figure Fantasy is based on the world of plastic anime figurines, and you take on the role of a human caring for their small plastic waifus.

Figure Fantasy, a 3D figurine-themed RPG mobile game by Komoe Technology Limited, is now available in open beta also on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Figure Fantasy is a first-of-its-kind game that seamlessly blends auto-battling gameplay with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) to build an astonishingly life-like world filled with high-quality anime figures. The game earned Google Play’s Best Game Changer award for 2021 in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, and gamers all over the globe may start collecting right now, thanks to the open beta release.

The Storyline of Figure Fantasy

Figure Fantasy

Figure Fantasy, surprisingly, has a compelling story that explains why your toys are now coming to life. The game’s characters have a deeper drive than those in Toy Story. You’ll be the Master of these miniatures in your space, even though it may seem strange to talk to them, it’ll be a lot of fun. The narrative does an excellent job of establishing suspense by interacting with them and communicating with them.

Figure Fantasy is a one-of-a-kind idle game in which players take on the role of the figurines’ master. The figurines have come to life and have banded together to combat the growing menace of an evil figurine organization, but all of this is happening behind their master’s back. The excitement of opening Blind Boxes in the game and displaying their treasures on a customizable shelf system is also available to players.

List of best Characters in Figure Fantasy

Figure Fantasy Figurine Classes

Figure Fantasy has five separate categories, all of which we’ve included here, including the best-performing champions for each. Please remember these tier lists are meant to be guidelines rather than gospel, so just because some characters aren’t on the list doesn’t mean they can’t throw a vicious, plasticky punch when the circumstance calls for it.

The best Figure Fantasy Vanguards:

Vanguards are melee warriors who can do a lot of damage at close distances. They have such a good mix of offensive and defensive qualities, as well as the ability to challenge the enemy’s backline.

S Tier: Yoko Kasumi, Yuina Mizuki

A Tier: Alfred, Yamazaki, Zhao Yun

B Tier: Midori, Suzumi, Yuna

The Best Defender Characters:

Figure Fantasy Defenders are tanks with health-recovery skills, allowing them to absorb damage like hazardous sponges on the front lines. While they don’t deal a lot of damage, they’re essential for defending your attackers and contributing to the team.

S Tier: Megan, Khrusos

A Tier: Sanada Yukimura, Vasily, Astaroth

B Tier: Ricco, Yuki, Sapphire, Gweneira

The Best Militarist Characters:

Figure Fantasy militarists are powerful damage dealers who can strike adversaries in a variety of ways and deliver a lot of damage when the scenario calls for it. They focus on burst damage, similar to mages and archers in other games, but they’re a little squishy, so it’s best to put them in the back behind a defender to assure they can stay true to their strong potential.

S Tier: Kamille, Zarola, Vazorwyn, Lu Bu

A Tier: Rie, Minakami, Karan

B Tier: Ophelia, Ryoma Kurata, Hiroshi

The Best Helper Characters:

Figure Fantasy helps do precisely what they say: they assist. They serve as primary healers, ensuring that the health of their friends is maintained and providing valuable boosts at the beginning of the fight. Helpers are highly useful, especially as you go through the game, so level up at least one and guard them in a fight.

S Tier: Zephyr, Eikzia

A Tier: Sakura, Mako, Zhou Yu

B Tier: Aoi

The Best Specialist Characters:

Figure Fantasy specialists are buffing and debuffing characters who specialize in buffing and debuffing rather than healing. They can do decent damage, but it’s their usefulness that makes them stand out – they can effectively control crowds or boost the power of their friends.

S Tier: Harriet, Ihrendts Ember

A Tier: Sani, Osuke Okada

B Tier: Akechi Mitsuhide, Irina, Evita.

You can continue the game normally if you obtain the characters you want. If not, erase the data in the app settings, uninstall and reload the game, then try with a new guest account.

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