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If you have recently downloaded Final Gear on your mobile, and need to understand various aspects of the game then this article is for you.

Welcome to Final Gear Wiki, where we discuss all the essential concepts about the game that you should know before you hop in for the ride!

Final Gear is one of the newest video games launched for mobile users across the globe. It is based on Mech and Maiden Strategy, which is quite popular in the gaming community.

Moreover, it features several anime-styled characters with unique abilities. There is no doubt that developers at FlashWing Studios did a brilliant job in creating Final Gear.

The game came out on 30 September for both Android and iOS users. Thus, you can install it from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store accordingly.

Make sure to check out our Final Gear Wiki, as it brings a whole new level of experience for all gamers out there. Further, you will surely enjoy cinematic graphics and heated battles among mechs. We recommend Final Gear for anime-lovers who want some action along with the beauty of maidens.

Game Information

Final Gear logo
Game NameFinal Gear
Publisher(s)Komoe Technology Limited
Developer(s)FlashWing Studio
Producer(s)Minkyu Park
PriceFree/ In-game Purchases
Platform(s)Android, iOS
Release Date11 September 2021
Genre(s)Strategy, RPG


Final Gear Gameplay

Many of you were asking for an overview of Final Gear as everyone is quite excited about the game. Well, the story begins in a post-apocalyptic world where you are the Captain, commanding several female operators.

Your job is to manage and supervise the pilots to win battles. Also, the game includes an engaging combat experience where you will fight against enemies. You even need to develop effective strategies to win against your opponents in various countries.

Players can increase the power of mechs by trying out their different combinations during the battle. Make sure to collect the available characters to improve your chances of winning. After unlocking a character, players can upgrade their skills by collecting cards.

We will learn more about these abilities in the upcoming sections of Final Gear Wiki.

Mechs Classes

Final Gear Gameplay

Each character is subjected to specific classes that help the players to choose their primary pilot (refer to the Character Rarities section in Final Gear Wiki). Moreover, the classes are further grouped as Close Range, Mid Range, and Long Range, depending on their attack distance.

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Close Range



Mid Range



Long Range



Character Rarities

There are several characters in Final Gear that you can play with. However, they are divided as per their rarities.

  1. Normal (N)
  2. Rare (R)
  3. Super Rare (SR)
  4. Superior Super Rare (SSR)

Some of the most valuable characters are,

Final Gear Characters

SSR- Alexa (Bomber)

SSR- Krista (Demolisher)

SR- Ariel (Shooter)

SR- Jessie (Shooter)

R- Emeralda (Defender)

R- Millyna (Striker)

N- Zoi (Demolisher)

N- Vivine (Sniper)

In-Game Currency

Final Gear in game currencies

Every game has specific points or currencies that you can use accordingly. Players can purchase different items like outfits, skins, characters, etc. Final Gear has 3 primary currencies- Gold, Crystal, and Bounty Credits as per the latest details. We have a simple breakdown of these in-game currencies,

  1. Gold– Gold can be attained by playing regular missions in Final Gear, and it can be used as a medium to exchange for other utilities. You must have a sufficient amount of gold to execute the transaction.
  2. Crystals– There are two methods to collect crystals in the game. You can either purchase them by spending real money or get them by completing side missions. The best part is that you can convert crystals into gold as per the requirement. Crystals will help you recruit new members and purchase multiple Store items.
  3. Bounty Credits– Bounty Credits are the most precious currency in the game, as you can only obtain them by completing campaign missions. Moreover, you need them to unlock new districts in the main map of Final Gear.
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