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Welcome to the Fishing Clash Wiki! We have tried to include/cover, and summarize all the details and what the game has to offer to players like you and me.

Fishing Clash is one of the most realistic fishing-adventure and competitive simulator game, released by Ten Square Games (TSG, TEN), a Polish mobile game developer on 24th October 2017.

Travel around America to beautiful locations and many prominent water bodies taking part in many competitive sports events, PvP and tournaments anytime. Enjoy the popular hobby by catching and collecting numerous different fish species, including some unexpected surprises while fishing.

So, grab your professional fishing tackle to join the elite club and be the fishing master.


Fishing Clash
  • Last updated by Ten Square Games S.A. on 2021-07-15 
  • Cost: Free
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • File size: 129 MB
  • 50+Million DOWNLOADS
Publisher(s)Ten Square Games 
Developer(s)Ten Square Games S.A.
EngineUNITY 2020
Platform(s)ANDROID, iOS
Release24th OCTOBER, 2017



The player starts their glorious journey in Florida and move on to Alabama’s biggest lake – Guntersville Lake. Next, you stop at Kenai River, the fishing magnet spot of Alaska to start the venture of capturing various species of fish like catfish, bass, crappie, sunfish, trout, salmon, barracuda, or even a shark! (Not to mention the unsaid surprises).

Alongside keep collecting and upgrading to the best fishing gear, and level up to grab the trophy.

As you step into our boat and cast a line, you are faced with a minigame to control and navigate the reel and keep it balanced. Using lures, which are unique for each species except the boss fishes, allows players to catch any fish in the surrounding fishery.

Using the correct lure increases the chance of getting that particular fish, and to improve its effect it can be upgraded using experience points. Complete quests to move forward in the adventure. Every 10 levels, a new fishery is unlocked for the player.

Participate in Events once unlocked level 10 through experience to compete and avail great rewards. The requirements, details, and rewards for each event are provided beforehand in its information section.

You can upgrade your gears and the most important tool, our fishing rods, by catching fish and gaining points, which will help them level up.

The game allows players to keep monitor of their progress, choose skins, communicate and play with friends through the formation of clans and duels, as well as the option to avail a VIP status. (includes in-app purchases).

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Fishing Clash Wiki | Basic home screen icons

  • Game Currency: Coins, Pearls
  • The main menu includes the Help Center and Settings as well.
  • Events 
  • Tackles 
  • Licenses Tab 
  • Clans 
  • Amplifiers 
  • Weight booster
  • Chance for fish
  • Speed 
  • Luck
  • Fish cards
  • Fights – open at level 3(winning gives you hooks)

List of available Fish Rarity: 

Fishing Clash All Fishes
  • Grey – Common – can be upgraded up to level 10
  • Blue – Rare – can be upgraded up to level 9 (starts including Boss Battles)
  • Green – Epic – can be upgraded up to level 7
  • Purple – Mythical – can be upgraded up to level 6
  • Gold – Legendary – currently the rarest lure in the game. These fish can be upgraded up to level 6


List of types of packs in Fishing Clash:

Fishing Clash Fishing Roads
  • Free Packs – available for each player every couple of hours.
  • Duel Packs – for winning a duel. 
  • Hook Packs – available after obtaining 10 duel tokens.
  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold Packs – available only at the store and from winning duels.
  • Special packs – often limited offers containing lures for a specific fish type or a specific fishery only.

(Packs These are the main source for getting new lures and points to level up the owned gear. Packs can contain several rewards such as Coins, Pearls Lures.)

A list of Gift Codes:

  • Ishhdhhwkeo –  silver tackle box.
  • Feb_24 – 100 amplifiers.
  • Darwin – 100 pearls.
  • Tujuuluk – 25 pearls.
  • MUSTARD – 10,000 coins.
  • 79-A4DD967E765 – Keg of Pearls.
  • 54-BDD984B69BA – A starter pack.
  • 12-1DC9DFCBD63 – A bag of pearls.
  • AA-D4558914460 – Bag of pearls.
  • Extremesportfishing – sonar (50 pieces), luck + 100% (50 pieces), chance for fish + 100% (50 pieces).
  • PHILLIPS –  luck+ 100% (25 pieces) OR chance for fish + 100% (25 pieces) OR amplifiers 25 (pieces) OR speed + 50% (25 pieces).

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