Fishing Clash Tips & Tricks Guide – How to Play Fishing Clash

Adamant upon becoming the Fishing Master in Fishing Clash? Have the skills but lacking behind due to lack of information? Need to boost to pace up your game? Well, we have documented the exact solution for you, a precise and inclusive Guide for Fishing Clash, that will provide anyone with the required information upon the same and help you improve with some special tips and tricks arranged just for you.

This article will provide you with a conclusive Guide as well as some Fishing Clash tips that will provide with every information you need to become a PRO!

To get a basic understanding of the game check out – Fishing Clash Wiki


 Fishing Clash Tips and Gameplay

The game starts in Florida where you start fishing by choosing a fishery and casting a fishing rod line. Pressing the cast button you throw the line and the strike button is used to pull once a fish has been caught in the lure.

There are hundreds of species available to battle and conquer throughout the game from carps, basses, catfishes, salmon to real sea monsters like sharks and arapaimas, megalodons, etc.

Each day you can casually catch up to 50 fishes and earn coins, around the world in diverse fisheries from actual destinations in the U.S. to famous mythical locations home to mysteries, such as Loch Ness, Lake Biwa, rivers of Amazon, Nile, Kenai, Yangtze, etc.

Collect various new fishing gear by buying or unlocking quests such as fishing rods, lures, and other equipment to raise your chance to catch a big or rare fish. The size and rarity of caught fishes, points, and stars attained are dependent upon primary four things, power-ups, bonuses, rods, and lures.

Aside from that, it is also dependent upon other key features such as leveling, collections, and fisheries(exclusive to particular fishes including Boss fishes).

Multiple fisheries can be unlocked by leveling up your player profiles and lures. Bigger the fish, the more the coins. By bigger, the game means the weight of the catch, an important part of the fishing sport, rarity, and other aspects.

Fishing Clash provides an indulging experience of casual fishing gameplay, real-time competitive PvP duel matches, in-game events, solo or with your clan, challenges, tournaments and championships, daily events, Battle Royale,  and new events every month(rewards, ranking increase).

Though the game has “Pay to Win” elements which may make the battle harder for those who are free users, a good grind can always surprise. Participating in events and activities provides you with numerous rewards of different sorts and helps you increase your ranking. The rewards also include primary items such as currencies, upgrades, and items required to upgrade gears.

When playing for the first time, you will be given a common level 1 fishing rod and a fishery of Florida to catch common tier grade fish by default, but as you proceed and make progress, you will start discovering and unlocking higher tier, star, and legendary grade fishes and gear, special fish, mythical fish and all forms of rare sought after species.

Fishing Clash does look easy but it has complicated and advanced mechanics. Nothing to worry though as we have tried our best to accumulate almost every bit of information and tips and tricks from different sources and cross-check to make sure they are reliable and true to work.


 Fishing Clash Rods

A Fishing Rod is a basic equipment and part of the basic gear needed to catch a fish in Fishing Clash. In the beginning, the game provides you with a free rod, the Florida Rod, and as you move to new destinations and unlock new fisheries by leveling up, you unlock a new rod along the way. On the main screen of the game, on the left side, tap the gear option -> to check the rods owned by you.

The gear system of Fishing Clash facilitates you to adjust your chances and statistics during catching fish as well, where the gear upgrading benefits can be checked out.

You start with a basic level 1 at the starting of each rod which can be upgraded until level 7, with their unique statistics and perks. Their aspects affect your performance during fishing sessions and tournaments. Each rod is specially assigned to only a specific fishery.

Upgraded rods give you passive bonuses that help you catch fish easier and increase the number of points they’re worth, but upgrading the rods can be expensive. The main upgrade factor to any rod is the perks.

1-star rods have one slot for perks, and you can perform a free draw which will randomly assign a passive perk to the rod. If you don’t like the perk, you can reroll but this costs pearls, hence it is preferably not suggested unless you have enough pearls to spend on it alone. Here’s the complete list of perks:

Fishing Clash upgrade perks
  • Heavier fish(common)
  • sonar(common)
  • Heavier fish
  • Improved weight power-up
  • luck(common)
  • Heavier fish(fish)
  • Bigger fish

To get more perks, you have to upgrade the rod to the next level. One of the main ways of getting new rods is also to purchase rod packs from the store. These packs again cost a handsome lot of pearls to open, hence save the currency. In conclusion, pearls are very important for upgrading rods to the desired aspect.

You can upgrade a rod only with the same level rods and the same fishery.

  • Level 1 to level 2 – the rod you want to upgrade + five 1st level rodsLevel 2 to level 3 – the rod you want to upgrade + four 2nd level rods
  • Level 3 to level 4 – the rod you want to upgrade + three 3rd level rods
  • Level 4 to level 5 – the rod you want to upgrade + two 4th level rods
  • Level 5 to level 6 – the rod you want to upgrade + one 5th level rod
  • Level 6 to level 7 – the rod you want to upgrade + one 6th level rod

All perks and bonuses can be redrawn by pressing the Draw button. Players can choose which value will be redrawn. This costs five pearls. It is not guaranteed that the drawn value will be better. In such cases, the higher value will remain attached to the rod.

Each time you upgrade a rod, it will receive a new random perk with a random value.

There are a couple of ways of getting new hooks for free, which include joining a guild, winning championships, duels, special packs, or by purchasing them in the shop. You can also obtain fishing rod card copies by completing the fishing collection.

Each fishery has its collection, and you complete it by increasing the number of points your fish are worth until they are worth a lot of stars. Collecting enough stars will reward you with some goodies, with fishing rod packs being one of them.

It’s important to note that when you level up high enough to unlock a new fishery, the game will automatically launch a new limited-time event to catch new kinds of fish from that fishery and unlock many rewards including rare rods.

Fishing clash Tips - Understanding the layout and controls

Though the rod system of the game automatically assigns the best rod to your lures to maximize your potential catches, you can always manually do the same to make custom allotment of rods by assigning specific lures to specific rods. On the rod screen, you have to first select the rod and then the lure you want to assign to it.

Only one lure can be assigned to a rod at one given time. Choosing an unassigned rod for fishing will automatically give you the attributes of a basic rod. Upgrading the rods will maintain the basic statistics of the rod but it will increase its values to a higher level.

There are two basic stats:-

  1. Chance of instant catch: the percentage chance of adding one instant catch counter when you cast the line.
  2. Combo points bonus: this stat increases the maximum combo bonus points awarded to your combo when catching fish.

Bonuses to rods will have the following structure (from 08.01.2020):

  • Level 1 – a bigger weight for fish with the described rod rarity
  • Level 2 – a better Sonar value or better Luck for fish with the described rod rarity
  • Level 3 – a better weight for specific fish with the described rod rarity
  • Level 4 – a better Sonar value or better Luck for fish with the described rod rarity
  • Level 5 – a better weight for all caught fish
  • Level 6 – a better chance of catching bigger fish, for fish with the described rod rarity
  • Level 7 – a better Weight bonus for fish with the described rod rarity.


Fishing clash bait

The lure is one of the most important items in the game. The more powerful and rare lure is, the better fish you will get in duel mode or normal mode. Types of lures;

  1. Basic
  2. Common
  3. Epic
  4. Rare
  5. Mythical
  6. Legendary
  7. Special

To change your lure, just above the cast icon, on the main screen, you can see your currently equipped lure. Click on it and swipe left or right to change the lure and then tap on the equip button.

Sometimes even after upgrading your rods to the fullest, you are unable to meet the weight requirements to catch a fish. In such scenarios, upgrading lures can in handy. Each lure can be upgraded using gold. Upgrading the lure also increases your chances of catching a rare fish.

image18You can see the results of the upgrade process from the LURE INFO screen.

Fishing Clash - Lure info

Constantly upgrading your lure cards is the only way to achieve success in Fishing clash and leveling up in the game. To upgrade a lure card, you need a specific number of copies of that same card and some coins. You can get coins by opening card packs, competing in duels, completing limited-time events, and by simply fishing.

In these modes of getting coins, if you are lucky enough you may even get more lure cards for free. Rarer lure cards are more difficult to upgrade as getting more copies of the same is also very difficult. You may purchase some basic lure cards in exchange for coins, and some rare lure cards in exchange for pearls from the in-game shop.

Joining guilds or clans is the most efficient and easy way to get lure cards by asking fellow anglers to share or send you cards. Other ways include winning duels, championships, etc.

Legendary Fish is the ultimate rare fish in the game, even above the mythical fishes in the hierarchy of rarity and awesomeness, with only one legendary fish in each fishery. They can only be caught using legendary lures which are very rarely available in in-game packs.

Legendary fishes are only available to higher-level players and one must have up to legendary rarity lure which can be very expensive to attain. Legendary fish once caught can be sold for a wholesome lot of coins, enough to begin your next legendary journey again.


Fishing Clash Tips - Power ups

To use power-ups make sure you have that particular power-up on the main screen and manually activate it before you cast the line to catch fish. Power-ups can be activated to increase your chance of catching a big, rare, epic, or legendary lure faster.

There are different types of power-ups which include +15% heavier weight catch, +100% catch probability, +50% fishing speed, luck, multi-hook, sonar, and a lot more. You can get power-ups by completing different quests and daily missions or from special packs through purchases or tournaments.

It will be a great strategy to use power-ups in duels to dominate your opponent and win duels to unlock even better power-ups alongside other rewards.

There are few ways to get power-ups free of cost in case you are not spending, such as,

  • Completing a Fish Collection
  • Join Communities to ask for power-ups or to get Fishing Clash Gift Codes
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Participation in Events to Win Power-ups


Fishing Clash Tips - Guilds

It is usually advised to apply to guilds’ low prestige points, as it is common to see guilds with higher points not accepting new anglers with less experience into the team, but only means that you are new to the game and soon you can also be a pro in the industry. You can win up to three new hooks for free by winning every duel.

You may sometimes be matched with a more advanced player but do not lose hope and keep trying to win. Joining a clan in Fishing Clan is important as it unlocks some clan exclusive events for you which help you to collect points collectively and earn some exclusive legendary gear. You can also ask for and donate lures and gears and converse with other anglers in the clan.

If you are feeling like starting your clan you also create a new clan of yours by clicking on the Clan icon on the left side of the screen. Click on Create Clan icon and enter the desired name of your to be clan, select its avatar and input a description about it.

Fishing Clash Tips - Guild names

Apart from that you can set the privacy of the clan as open to all or private in the sense only invited anglers can join your clan. Alongside you can also set a minimum trophy and the level requirement to apply for the membership to your clan or maybe a location limit.

Be careful while searching for a clan to join or creating your that the names of the Clans are case sensitive, so you must enter the correct name keeping in mind the spaces, caps, numbers, and special characters.**


Fishing Clash Tips - Quests

Each day, the game provides you with a special mission or task of catching a very specific fish in exchange for who can get a reward for completing the daily task. After completion, you will get a unique pack of cards that may include special tools, bonuses, and rods, etc.

Each quest will have specific requirements to catch the said particular fish, read them carefully to choose the type of lure needed. Make sure you have the correct lure selected before casting the line and once the quest is complete make sure you have availed of the rewards.

Try and use better and upgraded rods and lures and spend gold if needed to meet the weight requirements of the fish, which in turn will increase your chances of catching a rare fish. You can later change the lure from the main screen once the daily quest is completed.



Fishing Clash Tips - Duels

Winning a PvP duel is important in this game as it paves a pathway for you to get special packs containing better lures, power-ups, and other equipment.

As you start a duel, three lure cards will be selected from your then available fisheries.

Make sure you have selected the cards with the highest and best point value. (hint: duel as a fishery where you have the highest number of lure cards upgraded to increase the odds of winning.)

To win you need to catch two fishes mentioned on the top-right corner of the screen, which will include your selected lure card and that of your opponents’.

Change lures to catch a specific fish from the option provided in the bottom-center of the screen. The player with the highest number of points by the end of the time wins. Better the fish, the more the points you get for that fish.

Remember to use power-ups if you have in this mode, as it will give you an upper hand and help you with aspects such as weight, speed, sonar, luck, etc.

If precisely the primary and basic components are to be mentioned for a first-time angler then we may say that, to win a duel and earn trophies and precious loot you need to :

  • Level up your rod, lure, and skills
  • Draw Bonuses
  • Use Power-ups
  • Catch a fish with high points
  • And a bit of luck


Fishing Clash Tips Championships

Daily quests give you many packs of cards that are worth a lot. Make sure to complete it each day for which you will always have to equip the correct bait on our fishing rod. CHampionships are similar to these daily quests where you need to catch the biggest fish you can among the specified species each day.

Hence, before accepting a challenge or taking part in any championship, make sure to check what kind of fish is to be caught that day and if you have the lure and gear for the same. Get your stuff ready and only then go for the catch to get the amazing rewards and grab the trophy.

You can check your lures on the bottom right corner of the screen. Once each daily quest of the championship is completed you will receive all the mentioned rewards and as you progress the difficulty will increase and so will the rewards and the catch needed to get them into bigger and better fishes.

Apart from the above two, there are time-specific challenges that appear for a short and limited time. Then comes the Grand Tournament, where if you maintain a winning streak the best rewards await you. It is again periodic and appears for a short period.

Fishing Clash Tips -1v1

There are a limited number of chances or lives in it while competing from anglers around the world within dynamic skirmishes and the opponents and target fishes are selected automatically by the system based upon your level. Last but not least is the Battle Royale mode where 4 to 8 player anglers can go head to head in an arena.


Fishing Clash Tips

Experience points can be gained by upgrading your lures. It is an important aspect because you unlock new levels, new destinations, and new fisheries, which in turn may also give you some free pearls, and power-ups. The rarer the upgraded lure is, the more experience points you receive. Soon after every set target of EXP points, your account will automatically be leveled up.


Skill Tree is one of the latest additions to the game which is a function that allows players to earn bonuses by upgrading, learning, and mastering new skills and abilities to improve their fishing game. To build the skill tree and upgrade skills, you need specific skill tokens for each level, which are the new side-line in-game currency.  Each fishery has its Skill Tree.

Among the available skills, you will find:

  • Additional % to the weight of caught fish,
  • Additional % to the number of received Skill Tokens,
  • Additional % to the combo bonus – increased the percent value of the combo,
  • Increased chance of filling the combo bar instantly.

To upgrade the skills, navigate to the gear menu of the game -> go to the skill tree tab; choose the location at the top-left to check its skill tree -> select a skill -> unlock/upgrade.



Fishing Clash has a special fish collection system added recently to the game, called Star Meter, which counts and keeps a record of your stars points owned by fishing throughout the game. The Star Meter is demarcated into intervals holding different rewards that you can collect once the required number of stars have been achieved by you to unlock that threshold.

Each fishery has a set number of stars you can own from, achieving all, you can shift to other fisheries. To complete the Fish Collection, all your fishes should be attaining 12 stars.


Fishing Clash Tips - Boss Fish

Use power-ups, the best-upgraded lure you got, bonuses, and the best quality rod you have to catch bigger and rarer fish in Fishing Clash, including legendary, epic, rare, mythical, and special kinds as well.


Fishing Clash has a lot of awards and bonuses for the players, which are NOT activated automatically. The majority of bonus options are displayed on the main screen but the developers decided to tease the players hence for some reason made they are highly semi-transparent, which you may not notice at the first go and miss out on the benefits.

Such bonus options are primarily located on the upper right corner of the screen and you can easily manually activate them with a simple click, and enjoy a quick head start into the fishing spree.


Fishing Clash Tips Leveling up

Fishing License provides passive bonuses; Every fishery in the game has a unique fishing license that can be used to avail small bonuses and which can also be upgraded using the points earned during fishing. After every 2 levels, you can draw a bonus.

The first spin is given for free to you but if you want to reroll the bonus, you can do so by spending some pearls. Further, a normal license can be upgraded to a pro license spending pearls.

The pro license bears many benefits including a draw for a bonus at every level, instead of every 2 levels as needed for a normal license. Apart from that, you also gain Exp points five times faster than a normal license.


Fishing clash Tips and tricks

There are two forms of in-game currencies used in Fishing Clash, namely,

  1. Pearls
  2. Coins
  3. Skill Token

Pearls are special currencies of the game which can be collected from packs, through achievements, in-game shop, specials events, completing fish collections, leveling up, and through the Wheel of Fortune.

Pearls can be used to purchase exclusive features, use in-game features such as to upgrade gear faster or as desired. It is very important to collect and use them wisely during the adventure of this elite demeanor.

Sometimes if purchased you may not receive them instantly, but do not worry, wait for some time or contact the team support, your issues will be resolved.

Coins are the second type of currency available in Fishing Clash which can be utilized to purchase particular lures or skill trees from the in-game shop and upgrade lures and gears.

They are important to take part in events and get other resource rewards in exchange during the events, rather you can also participate in events if you are running low on coins and need more.

Coins are relatively easier to get as you can accumulate coins just by fishing for the first 50 catches each day, championships, up to 15 duels per day, while playing f2p. These limits can be further expanded by unlocking the VIP level. Apart from it if you are willing to go for s2w then you can directly purchase Coins from the shop.

Skill Token is a new system of currency used to build and upgrade through the Skill Tree. Skill tokens can be purchased from the token shop in exchange for pearls, collected through events as rewards by completing goals, and also through the wheel of fortune.


Fishing Clash All Fishes

The game provides you with the classic Wheel of Fortune extravaganza, which is a minigame that provides you a guaranteed gift or reward by turning the wheel hence doing a draw. The draw is available for rewards every periodic interval and guarantees a reward with every spin and the reward pool changes with every spin. So be attentive to search if the wheel is available when you play, who knows your luck shines up.

The latest update is here on trial now, to break the fishy bank!

Fishy Bank allows you to get valuable extra rewards. The Fishy Bank icon is located on the main screen and each player can own only one Fishy Bank. Activating the bank will allow you to earn Fishcoins for every catch as well as not to forget that Fishy Bank is the only way to purchase Fishcoins. A limited-time perk is when the bank limit has reached its full, you can open the crate to convert them into Pearls, so hurry up!

There might be some bugs with this new feature but the developers have made it clear that soon it’s checked and knocked, this feature will be made available to all anglers.

P.s.Fishy Bank is still under testing, and the perks of things being tested are the same that we all know 😉 some randomly distributed free samples to a certain number of players.


Gift codes are special limited period codes put forward by the developers of Fishing Clash as a symbol of appreciation towards the players, which can be used to avail a boost in their game through extra upgrades, in-game resources, currency, packs, powerups, gear, etc.

Fishing Clash Tips and Tricks - gift codes

Active codes:

Below, are mentioned the working Gift Codes for Fishing Clash, you can use –


We will keep a lookout for the updates and release of the same so keep an eye out for any announcements by the developers and follow our page for the latest updates to avail the code before it runs out.

In fact, we have a dedicated article for Fishing clash Gift codes. You can check it out by clicking this link.


Fishing Clash Logo

Fishing Clash is a realistic single-player competitive fishing simulation game in the sports genre,  launched by TenSquare Games S.A. on android(available on Playstore) and ioS(available on iTunes App store) platforms. It was released on October 24th, 2017.

The game based upon clicker mechanics and highly advanced realistic 3D graphics, Fishing clash has achieved an astounding mark of over 50 million downloads worldwide with 4.6 stars out of 5 on the playstore, rated by a million people.

It has gone under many developmental modifications by the developers, with the latest update in July 2021, fixing minor technical glitches in the game and improving performance. The real-time global online competitive platform will keep you indulged in your hobby in the most serene of places.

The graphics rendering and the textures provide an astounding visual experience through its realistic view of locations, scenery, environment, beaches, including the intricate and beautiful details achieved on the design of the fish models. This realism helps the players achieve a heightened sense of achievement and stronger indulgence in the overall atmospheric experience.

Apart from the game itself, the development team and its platform, Ten Square Games, have a very active community that continuously works towards improving the gaming experience and provides assisting walkthrough videos, gift codes, FAQ, and player support. They have their own official Youtube channel to help you provide Video guides. image24