Free Fire Max: New Advanced Version of Free Fire is Here

Free Fire Max is an advanced or upgraded version of the popular mobile battle royale game – Free Fire. The max version offers improved quality graphics, New weapons, characters, a brand new lobby, and much more. In this detailed article, we will tell you about all the changes, enhancements, Free Fire Max release date, and how to download Free Fire Max.

Free Fire is a popular free to play battle royale game available on iOS and Android. Unlike most other battle royale games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire is light and well-optimized for mobile. Thus, making the game popular among users with older and low-end devices.

However, a recent development indicates Garena, are going to change the “low-end battle royale game” tag for good as the developers of Free Fire, are working on an upgraded version of the game called – Free Fire Max.

The new version will have much-improved graphics and will be more resource-hungry than the actual game. It is kind of unexpected given most game developers tend to release a toned-down version of a full-fledged game rather than the other way round.

Free Fire is targeting a userbase with access to better hardware with the Max version.

Free Fire Max Vs. Normal Version

Free fire max will feature several changes here is a list of the same-


  • A New Lobby: The lobby will see a complete rework with a new user interface and support for multiple 3D themes (kind of like PUBG Mobile). Furthermore, the Player characters will walk towards you in the lobby rather than standing still.

    Free Fire Max New Lobby
    Free Fire Max Lobby
  • New Map Update: The game trailer starts with a desert setup. Thus, players are expecting that the game will have some map improvements as well.
  • New Guns and Attachments: The latest trailer of Free Fire shows a new sniper rifle in action with a new scope. Some speculate that it is the much-awaited 8x scope. Along with that, some leaks point to the addition of a new submachine gun Thompson and smoke grenades.
  • New Characters: Lucas and Kapella, two new characters with unique healing skills, will make their way to the latest update.
  • New Gun Skins, outfits, and more.



  • According to the Free Fire club, visuals will be the single most significant change in the game. The graphics quality will be much better in the max version of Free Fire. From the lighting to textures, everything will get a significant upgrade.
  • The gameplay will be more realistic. However, we do have reasons to believe that it will not be much different from the actual game.
  • Faraway objects now render seamlessly. So objects at a distance don’t appear all of a sudden as you move towards them.
  • A User interface to better complement the visual changes.


Free Fire Max System Requirements

As of now, the minimum system requirements remain unknown. However, considering the Graphics upgrade along with the features, the game will likely be hefty. The size of the downloaded game is 1GB before installation. Furthermore, you will need at least 4 GB of RAM for the best gaming experience.


Free Fire Max Release Date

Free Fire Max,
Image Credit: Gamer Zone YouTube

As of writing this article, we don’t have any official news on the official release date. Currently, Free fire Max is under beta testing with limited access to some players in countries like Indonesia and Brazil. The game will soon be available on Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

Also, we will update this post once we get any officials confirmation. So, please turn on notification for by clicking the bell icon at the bottom corner right and never miss any update on Free Fire.

How to Download Free Fire Max

The max is available for a small number of players from Indonesia and Latin American countries. Only select users from the regions mentioned above have received an invitation through the in-game mail system. As for people from other countries, they will have to wait for the official announcement.

Now, you can sideload the app on your android device and try the game, but we will recommend otherwise.


With mobile devices getting more powerful each year, Free Fire Max seems like a significant upgrade. Yes, it is uncommon to see a developer working on a separate upgraded version of a game, but this we believe this is a step in the right direction.

It seems like Free Fire wants to shake off the low-end tag game for good. At the same time, the max version of the game will cater to loyal fans as they continue to upgrade their devices. Furthermore, anyone with the regular version will be able to join the game with someone on the max version.

However, it will be interesting to see how fans and new users react to it. After all, Free Fire gained its popularity as a game that runs on almost any smartphone or tablet. Do you agree?

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That’s All for today. We hope you enjoyed our article “Free Fire Max: New Advanced Version of Free Fire is Here.” If you have any quarries and suggestions, the comments section is open for you.

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