For those of you who are unaware, Luck royale is the microtransactions framework in the game, which enables the players to obtain gun skins, outfits, pets etc. by spending real cash. The endowments in it are for the most part cosmetic and barely have any impact on the battlefront.

Luck Royale line up of Garena Free Fire, this season

Free Fire offers all users a bunch of options for its Luck Royale. In the new update, the developers have made a few changes to this line-up. Below is the list of all the changes.

Diamond Royale

Diamond Royale

The Diamond Royale expects you to burn through 60 diamonds for one turn. Further for 600 gems, one gets ten twists and one bonus spin free of cost. Among the new rewards of this season’s Diamond Royale, “The Age of Gold” group is considered to be the best. Besides that, players would get additional crates, after a specific number of turns.

Gold Royale

 Gold Royale

The Gold Royale is similar to the Diamond Royale; however, it offers a free turn once a day. The instalment for this is through coins. You need 300 coins for a solitary turn whereas, spending 3000 coins will earn you ten twists and some bonus with spins.  The new prize for this season of Garena Free Fire includes, ‘The Navy Girl’ group, where a specific number of more twists get players to reward crates.

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Character Royale

Character Royale

A unique spin is available in Free Fire luck royale this season to allow players to get the new in-game characters for a low price. Right now, the latest character in Garena Free Fire is Luqueta, which is available in Character Royale as the main prize, among other bonuses incorporate different characters and pieces. Here, one spin costs players 25 diamonds, while ten spins cost 250 diamonds with one additional turn for free.

Weapon Royale

Weapon Royale

The guidelines here are similar to the previous two groups; however, the rates vary. Here, a spin costs around 40 precious stones, while for twists 400 jewels you receive ten turns and a bonus turn free of charge. The gifts offered here are typically weapon skins, with the grand prize being the “Groza-Great Plunder.”

Free Fire Luck Royale New Addition: Soccer Royale

Soccer Royale

Soccer Royale is the newest of all the spins in Garena Free Fire; the player can procure soccer pullovers with each spin. Moreover, different endowments include memory parts. Here, by burning through 60 diamonds, players can receive one turn. Further, by spending 600 diamonds, players acquire ten spins in addition to an extra spin. Nevertheless, the rate here is comparable to ordinary diamond royale.

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Free Fire Luck Royale Limited-Time Event: Incubator Royale

Incubator Royale

It is a limited time spin arrangement that would vanish sooner or later, but the unique thing is the feature of Incubator. The Incubator lets you win the rarest of the rare rewards. By spending around 40 jewels, players can acquire one spin. Whereas, spending 180 precious stones will grant players five spins. Presently, the main prize here is ‘M1014 – Apocalyptic’ skin.

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Garena is regularly redesigning its shop to give players the most attractive beautifying agents; it is their best way to bring in cash. But through the Free Fire luck royale players also get an excellent chance of getting premium rewards at a cheap price. All in all that is a win-win for both sides.

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