BRAWL STARS UPDATE: Gears Rework, New season, Reporting system, and more!

The #Ghoststation update is live! and there are a bunch of BIG changes to the game – the gear system changes, new gears, new season, new events, balance changes, and a lot more. We’ll cover them all in this article.

Gear System changes

Scrap and Gear tokens are being completely removed from the game! That’s right, we will no longer be able to craft or get more gear tokens after this update. Instead, all players will be refunded a set amount of gold for every scrap and Gear token they ever had on their account – crafted or not.

From this update onwards, all gears will be available on every brawler to be unlocked with gold, considering they are above power level 10.

The 5 gears that have been in the game will still be there and will be able to be crafted for 1000 coins each, additionally, gear levels are being removed – that means crafting a gear will automatically unlock its max potential that a level 3 gear would have before this update. These gears will be purchasable and equipped on every single brawler in the game.

We can expect new gears to be added to the game with every single update, which means we will be able to get new abilities for brawlers that we love, eventually.

Brawl stars Gear Reworked

Every player will get 2.25 coins per scrap, 217.5 coins per gear token, and 1635 coins per level 3 gear they ever had on their account. In short, you’re bound to get BIG returns in gold if your brawlers were above power 10.

New Gears

The Reload Speed Gear

Brawl Stars New Reload Speed Gear

It is an epic rarity gear that will cost 1500 coins, It will increase the reload speed of the brawler that is it equipped to by 20% and that is indirectly a buff to the brawler’s total damage per second (DPS), nothing to be slept on. 

For now, this gear can only be equipped to 10 brawlers in the game – Belle, Eve, Lola, Bo, Brock, Colt, 8-Bit, Amber, Rico, and Griff. It’s believed that this will change with upcoming updates and more brawlers will have access to it shortly.

The Super Charge Gear

Brawl Stars New Super Charge Gear

The Super Charge Gear is another epic gear that will cost 1500 coins to craft. It increases the supercharge rate from all sources by 10% which means it makes it easier for a select number of brawlers to get their super back. This gear is currently available to be crafted on – Ash, Lou, Otis, Bull, Nani, Bonnie, Edgar, Sprout, El primo, and Jacky.

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note that there are a few exceptions to this gear – since the Tanks (Bull, Elprimo, and jacky) have a trait to automatically charge some amount of super every time they take damage, this gear will NOT affect that mechanism and they will still get the same amount of super for taking damage.

Of course, their main attacks and supers will give them 10% more super change. Brawlers like Bonnie and Edgar who charge their super automatically over time will have this ability buffed by 10% which means they will charge their supers faster.

Mythic Gears

Brawl Stars Gene New Mythic Gear

These are a new set of Brawler-specific gears that will somehow enhance the unique ability of a brawler and they will be different for every brawler you craft them for. Currently, there are only two brawlers in the game that will have access to this gear and those are Tick and Gene.

Brawl Stars Tick New Mythic Gear

As the description says Gene’s new gear will allow him to increase the range of his super by one tile, whereas Tick’s new gear will give an extra 1000 health to his super. Mythic gears are only available to 2 brawlers in the game right now and they cost 2000 for each gear, within future updates we can expect to see more brawlers with such special abilities.

New Season! #GhostStation

Brawl Stars New Season! #GhostStation

This Season will be based on the ghost station that is deemed to be Gus’s home and since brawl-o-ween is right around the corner, we will be getting a bunch of Halloween-themed environments and skins to celebrate Halloween in the game.

Brawl Stars New Haloween Skins

Also, all the classic brawl-o-ween skins will be coming back to the game so you can decorate your brawlers with the spooky theme and mix in with the environment.


The Ghost station season will feature a new chromatic brawler named Buster. He’s a cameraman at the starr park corp and is a part of Fang and Lola’s Trio. Buster also dreams of becoming a movie star like the others in this trio and does his best to protect his teammates through everything.

Brawl Stars New Brawler - Buster

For his main attack, he fires off a lens flare in a short range that deals more damage the closer enemies are to him. His super gives him a shield that blocks off any incoming attacks and converts them into feedback damage that fires off back at enemies.

Although he can block anything thrown at him from the front, he cannot block attacks from above so throwers and flying projectiles can still hit him. Buster also has a special trait that allows him to charge his super when he’s close to his teammates – he’s truly a team player. 

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The new chromatic brawler Buster will be available in the premium brawl pass that can be purchased for 169 gems along with a bunch of player progression and boxes through it. 

Buff to Gold

Supercell is increasing the amount of gold we normally get from boxes by 90%. This is a massive boost to the economy and we will eventually get more gold to upgrade our brawlers and unlock more gears faster than before.

This, topped over all the gold players got in return for scrap is a huge return and it will significantly boost player progression. I believe this was a just change to the game because the gears that were present in the game earlier were way too costly for free-to-play players to normally have them on all their brawlers.

With these changes, even free-to-pay players can have max-level brawlers and new abilities for them.

Balance Changes

These changes are rolled out with every update to ensure that all brawlers are fair to play and in balance with each other, in other words: no brawler is supposed to be broken or have a massive edge over the others. 

The brawlers that were changed in this update are : 

Meg – gets a 4.5% buff to HP making her go from 3300 health to 3450 health at max level.

Barley – gets an 8.6% buff to main atk damage making his attacks go from 1050 to 1140 at max level.

Eve – gets an 8.1% atk damage buff causing her eggs to deal more damage each, from 550-715-880 to 600-780-960.

Gus – Healing from his ghost bubble will now scale with power level going from 800 at power 1 to 1200 at max having a 20% buff than earlier.

His shield also scales on power level and will provide more hp the higher his level, 2600 at power 1 to 3900 at max. Moreover, his super now travels 12.5% faster and will also pass through walls

Poco – gets a 5% nerf to atk damage going from 1200 to 1140 at max level.

Sam – gets a nerf to his first star power that makes him heal 20% health instead of the 30% that was earlier. 

Stu – Speed zone gadget now has a health decay and will last only 34 seconds.

Bea – Honey molasses will also have a health decay and will last 34 seconds.

Report System

Brawl Stars New Report System

This is a new feature, being the first version that will help the developers prepare for a wider rollout of the feature in the future.

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Currently, it is only available in Power League. They want to be able to identify the number of people reporting and the number of repeat reports that an individual player is getting that will ultimately result in in-game bans and the update and will eventually get better through the updates.

This is for players who are purposefully ruining the experience of other players and grieving them by not participating or not playing the objective.

Miscellaneous quality of life changes

Gadgets and Star-powers are being completely removed from the shop which means you will only be able to purchase them from the brawlers screen or get them for free from the boxes. Also, missing gold can be bought with gems.

If you’re missing a certain amount of gold you can pay a certain amount of gems and buy whatever you want.

We will be getting new generic quests that will be – to deal a specific amount of damage or to heal a specific amount of health in any mode with any brawler. These quests cannot be switched and cannot be replaced, other quests cannot be rerolled into this quest.

Brawl Stars New generic Quests

The “try” button in the brawler selection screen will let you choose between the training grounds that is the site with a bunch of bots to test out the brawlers abilities or a practice match that will match you up with bots to test how a brawler would stand in a normal match.

This is essentially helpful to try out brawlers that you don’t own or have and see how they feel to play with.

Brawl Stars new Brawler Try optionGear

We can now play duplicate brawlers in friendly matches, which will open up a lot more possibilities to test out brawler interactions and have fun with your friends.

Duplicate brawlers in Brawl Stars

End Note

To conclude, this update has been one of the most awaited updates the players have received in a long time. Ever since the introduction of scrap and gears – about a year ago, the game was slowly starting to get really grindy.

With this update all the scrap and tokens we’ve received in the past year have been converted to gold and supercell has honestly been very generous with the amount they’ve given back to players.

This isn’t a complete turnaround but it’s definitely a step toward making the game a much more friendly option for all kinds of players.

Progression has been boosted by a lot considering the 90% gold boost in boxes and the expectation of having new gears and new abilities to brawlers with every update (along with the consistent new seasons and brawlers) brings a spark to this game.

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