Clash Royale League West 2020 has been postponed

Clash Royale League or CRL 2020 is the biggest Clash Royle tournament, has finally been postponed due to the present Virus outbreak. A few days ago, Supercell confirmed the delay of the first season of the Clash Royale League (CRL) West. It is one of the many major eSports events that were canceled or postponed this year.

Supercell Esports has revealed that the reason for the postponement of the league isn’t only due to COVID-19 but, their 2019 esports partner OGN America.

OGN is withdrawing from the Clash Royale League. The company will not be producing CRL West content as they aim to refocus its business strategy. Supercell will announce the new kick-off date for the tournament soon.

Supercell Statement and the Present Situation of Clash Royale League west 2020

According to some sources, the tournament should be around mid-May. They also said that the company would be looking for a new partner to support CRL West.

As you all know, recent developments with the Coronavirus have caused major health concerns and risks throughout the globe. Due to this, we’ve had to rethink and shift our CRL West strategy and plans. Secondly, OGN America recently informed us of their decision to withdraw from producing CRL west, as they’re refocusing their business strategy. This shift came very last minute, which further fuels need to postpone the initial start date of CRL West.

Supercell officials clarified the situation in their statement.

In addition to the above, Supercell Esports Community manager has also declared that the first season will be conducted in an online format, over five to seven weeks. The Eastern region of the CRL will start with its “special season” on April 2. Fans in the Western hemisphere can still enjoy the action through community tournaments that Supercell has been supporting, such as the ongoing “No Tilt Worlds.”

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