Dead Cells’ 2021 Content Roadmap for iOS and Android Revealed

Dead Cells is one of the best roguelike video games inspired by Metroidvania-style games and developed by Motion Twin. Earlier today Motion Twin has revealed Dead Cells’ content roadmap for iOS and Android.

That means now, we have a much better idea of when and what to expect from the franchise in the coming months.

Dead Cells’ content roadmap

1. Legacy Update

The Legacy Update is scheduled to land this fall. This update brings a new mobile version 1.6. which means that you can soon expect to see new enemies, bosses, weapons, mutations, skills, biomes, and more.

2.The Bad Seed DLC

The Bad Seed DLC is a paid extension. We expect it to arrive in early 2021. This will add a host of new challenges and an updated magazine of weapons to try out on any enemies unfortunate enough to cross your path.

3. Summer 2021

Another update will be pushed in the summer of 2021. However, Motion Twin didn’t announce the complete details on what it will bring to the table.

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Dead cells' content roadmap

In his review of Switch port, Jon Mundy from pocketgamer called the game

…a masterful roguelike platformer with some of the most satisfying combat around and a beguilingly appealing dark-fantasy world to explore.

The new mobile port is similarly excellent and comes with a number of new options like friendly touchscreen, auto-attack mode, and much more.

If you’re an action game fan and enjoy the odd Metroidvania games then I will definitely recommend you to play Dead Cell. You’ll find Dead Cells available for purchase now as a premium game priced at $8.99 over on the App Store and Google Play.

It is a bit expensive for a game but it’s worth it.

Give it a shot!

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