Dead Cells: One of The Most Awaited iOS Game Now available Android

After a long, long wait, the day is finally here. Today is the day when Dead Cells is released for the android platform. Yes, you heard me, right! Dead Cells is finally available on the play store from today, and we can guarantee you that it was worth the wait.

Dead Cells is an indie-roguelike action game, from the developers of Motion Twin (the creators behind games like Mush, My Brute, Die2Nite, and many more), and is published by Playdigious. Previously the game was available for PC, Console, and iOS platforms.

Dead Cells launched as a partnership of Motion Twin and Playdigious

As per the recent reports, it was the Motion Twin that has announced a partnership with Playdigious to make Dead Cells available for all the android gamers. Dead Cells was initially developed by an independent video game studio, Motion Twin.

Back in May 2019, Motion Twin first announced an Android version development of Dead Cells. Eventually, it was released for the iOS version at $8.99, in August of last year. Presently, the iOS version is priced at $5.99.

Playdigious was established in 2015, which is a publisher house with high-quality porting capacity focusing on creative premium games for PC, Console, and Mobile platforms. The company has published games like Dungeon of the endless, The almost gone, Ok golf.

It is only due to the partnership of Motion Twin and Playdigious, due to which, we all have got a chance to experience this excellent action game on our mobile phones itself.

Dead Cells: An Indie roguelike action game, gameplay

Dead Cells is a 2D combat action platformer with a variety of plenty of weapons and a castle full of cuddly creatures. This game will lead the players to explore the interconnected world of Roguevania.

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video credit: Playdigious YouTube Channel

The game requires you to master a maniacal 2D combat with a wide array of weapons and skills against all the cruel minions and bosses out there. The only way of staying alive and beating this game is by learning enemy patterns and preparing the defense and attacking strategies accordingly.

As there are no checkpoints, one has to kill, die, learn, and repeat to successfully complete the levels.

Players will also get to explore every corner of the castle, from the Secret rooms and hidden passages to the charming landscapes, or one can just choose to rush their way to the end. Either way, you will only be able to unlock new levels with every death, and then further, opt for your path based on your mood, play style, or the current build.

Doesn’t this all sound exciting? Now, let’s go over the unique redesigned features for mobile with a revamped interface.

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Redesigned features of this game for mobile gaming

There are a few revamped developments for a better interface for android users. While playing this game, the external controller support option will be available. This game also offers two game modes to the user, the Original & Auto-Hit.

dead cells gameplay footage
Image credit: Playdigious YouTube Channel

Apart from that, a bunch of custom controls and touch options are also present, through which one can change the buttons’ position and size as per their preference. This also includes an option to set gestures to perform actions.

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The final verdict on Dead Cells

Android gamers have waited for a long time now, for Dead Cells to get launched on play store. As it was just launched yesterday, i.e., 2nd June, so no glitches are reported as of now. Hopefully, this game looks as beautiful and runs as smoothly on Android devices like it did on iOS. The most exciting fact is that once paid, one can explore the full Dead Cells game without any ads.

This full action pack game is ready for android gaming and is now available with a price tag of $5.99 for android devices, which, INR 590.

Also, Playdigious has launched this app at a special price. The offer states that one can get 10 percent off the launch price by preregistering on the Play Store.

So, hurry up and avail of this fantastic offer! Before the price is increased.

Dead Cells is now available on both iOS and Android at a premium. The game has been downloaded 5000 times in 2 days on the Google Playstore.

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