Demon Blast The New 2.5 D Shooter Demo is now Available for Android

One of the shooter games, inspired by the best FPS-games of the 90s, “Demon Blast” is finally available on android. It has a more retro 2.5D classic style design which aims to refreshen the feel of 90s shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein.

Russia based game developer StartWarp is the maker of the game. They have developed various genre games like – Gems of Fate: the Charmed King, Virtual Pet 3D – Cartoon Lion 2 and More.

Demon Blast, previously launched this year in April. It was released as an early access title on Steam. But now, a demo of the game has also become available on the Android platform.


The trailer displays a cool art style as well as the music. The game has received 4.5 out of 5 according to the player’s reviews, which is excellent. Another great thing is the mobile version is almost identical to the one available on PC. Demon Blast lets the players experience the 90s style of FPS where one needs to always keep moving, to avoid enemy attacks. Furthermore, It has a story mode.

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Features of Demon Blast: A First-person Shooter Game

There are a ton of things to do and explore while playing the game that you will love. For instance –

  • There are all kinds of different weapons available. It could be shotguns, blasters or rockets. Even you can just throw caution to the wind and use your fists.Demon blast Android Read: Best Action Games for Android You Can’t-Miss in 2020
  • The ability to upgrade the weapons: All weapons can also be updated and improved. As one progresses through the game, up-gradation of the weapons is required to perform well. The modified arms have enhanced critical chance, damage output, accuracy and increased maximum ammo capacity.
  • A variety of power-ups and Perks to choose throughout all the levels. For example, thorns will cause damage to enemies if they run into you or multishot that shoots 2 or more bullets for each shot fired. These can be unlocked over time by destroying a lot of enemies.
  • Huge Waves of enemies: As one will hunt for answers moving forward in the game, a lot of explosions and battles will follow up.Demon blast boss fight
  • Also, the game won’t let just ANYONE win. When you are about to finish a level, giant bosses will be there waiting for you. Boss fights will happen once you’ve fought your way through the gang of weaker foes.
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Other aspects that we really enjoyed are how interactive the game feels. Demon Blast will present dialogues with NPCs as well as environment exploration along with a Story mode with multiple choices and different consequences for each.

Some reports suggested that the demo provides around 1-2 hours of gameplay but we can tell you playtime depends on the player’s skill level. Do you have what it takes?

Our Verdict

Demon blast Levels
Demon blast Levels

Overall, Demon Blast seems like a great game to say the least. It strikes a perfect balance of action, story, exploring and a lot more, all packed in a nice nostalgic wrapper. If you have played any 90s classic you will definitely love this game. We are very excited to try the full game whenever it comes out.

The demo of Demon Blast is now available over on Google Play. Although it’s free to download, there might be some ads playing occasionally.

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