DreamWorks Trolls Pop: A bubble shooter game for both iOS and Android

DreamWorks Trolls Pop is a new free bubble shooter saga, based on the Trolls movie franchise. This game offers enjoyable challenges at every turn during each level.

Players will pop bubbles of the same colours by shooting their own into them. In Trolls Pop, Baby Bugs are stuck inside the bubbles and are counting on you! Only you set them free by shooting bubbles at them. Modify your Trolls to build a team that suits you the best.

Huuuge Games, along with Universal Games and Digital Platforms have all grouped up to produce a bubble shooter game, based on Trolls and Trolls World Tour. Earlier, Huuuge Games has developed some fantastic games like Transport It! – Idle Tycoon, Traffic Puzzle, etc.

Trolls Pop is available for iOS as well as Android.

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DreamWorks Trolls Pop: A fun Bubble Shooter Game for iOS and Android Devices

Trying out the game for a while, we can confidently say that there’s only a single point which players need to keep in mind – think before you shoot! Plan your shots well, and you will ace all levels.

Here are a few things that we enjoyed about DreamWorks Trolls Pop.

  • Exclusive Missions: Play through several missions such as Pop’em All, Baby Bug Rescue, and more for earning chests loaded with stickers. It will help you to collect your Trolls. Mainly, pop up the same colour bubbles to unlock and receive in-game rewards, while blasting through each level.
  • Collect and customize your Favorite Trolls: Collect up to 6 unique costumes and stickers to make your Trolls one of a kind to pop bubbles together with their help. You can add Poppy, Branch, DJ Suki, etc. to your Troll collection. Modify your Trolls characters to form a team that entirely suits them. Every Troll character can succeed challenges, like line blast, vertical blast, and big blast powers.DreamWorks Trolls Pop,
  • Various Challenges & Events: Complete hurdles, contests, and check back often to collect limited and exclusive Trolls characters.
  • Free Chests and exciting prizes: Revisit the game frequently to collect open chests along with exclusive rewards. Limited time events will reward players with distinct challenges, Trolls characters, and costumes.
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Our verdict

Trolls pop is a delight. Players can explore the vibrant and high-spirited world of bubble shootings in DreamWorks style. It is a time killer as the gameplay is simply – aim, match, and pop the bubbles.

Complete everyday challenges in this bubble shooter saga and keep developing your skills in this bubble shooter puzzle game! Ultimately, engage in numerous events that will test your skills.  What’s more interesting is that Huuuge Games is also planning for additional stages for Limited-Time Events regularly that will keep providing players with new adventures.

DreamWorks Trolls Pop is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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