Eve Echoes’ adds New Halloween Themed Skins and Modules

Eve Echoes introduces new Skins and Modules to the game in a Halloween Themed special event called Crimson Harvest. Players will be able to purchase exclusive skins at great discounts on skin boxes for a limited time.

Halloween 2020 may not be that great, but things aren’t over just yet if you play Eve Echos. NetEase recently announced a new Crimson Harvest event for its popular space-based MMORPG Eve Echoes that will run till Tuesday (November 10th).

During the event, players will need to find Crimson Harvest anomalies hidden all around the universe. These will appear in two different classes, namely – Carnival at Cemetery and Haunted Ruins. Both Anomalies will appear randomly in each system, with the latter being more abundant.

Eve echoes Crimson Harvest Halloween event special skin

Players will also see new skins along with the sick Halloween Pumpkin Skin (picture above). During the event, users can also accrue them from haunted supply crates or purchase the skins from the New Eden store. Do note that the skins you will receive from the haunted boxes may or may not be permanent. Additionally, Eve Echoes users can freely trade the haunted supply boxes. So that’s great.

Apart from the skins, the haunted supply boxes will also contain modules.  Seven brand new modules (Interdiction Sphere Launcher, Warp Disruption Field Generator, Warp Scrambler, Sensor Dampening, Target Painter, and a Tracking Disruptor and Guidance Disruptor) will be added to the game.

eve echoes new modules, Crimson Harvest Event

Unlike the skins, modules will only be temporary, and users will have to purchase them once the event commences.

EVE Echoes is a popular MMO for mobile devices. Released globally on 13th August this year, the game has over a million downloads on google play alone. It is available on the App Store and Google Play for FREE with in-app purchases.


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