Fortnite is Now available on Google Play Officially! But Why?

When Fortnite first released for mobile devices, the game was not available in the Google Play Store. After a couple of years of being available in the Epic Games site, Fortnite is now coming to Google Play Store.

Fortnite is a battle royale game that took the gaming industry by storm. The mobile version of the game is available on the Apple Appstore for a while now. However, the game was still unavailable on Playstore. At least not until now.

Today Epic announced that Fortnite would be available for Android users via google play. But why this sudden change of heart? What could have possibly happened? Continue reading to find out more.


Why was Fortnite not available in Google Play?

In 2019, Epic Officials first shed some light on the issue. In an interview, the epic team told ‘The Verge’ that its not that EpicEpic doesn’t want its game on google play, but the problem lies with google’s policies itself.

According to google’s policy, the company takes a 30% cut on all in-app purchases from apps present in the play store. In other words, if a game is on play store and has in-app purchases, google will take 30% of every in-game transaction.

Epic believed that it is too much. Especially for a free-to-play game like Fortnite that depends solely on microtransactions for their profit. Epic did try to land a deal with Google, but it didn’t work out well.

As a result, Fortnite never made it Google Play Store even after being compatible with many android devices. Players had to sideload the app from the epic store.

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What’s Changed?

At last, Epic has decided to deal with Google’s policies. However, this wasn’t a spontaneous move. Instead, Epic has games pointed to the Tech Giant’s questionable practices that forced them to comply with Google’s policies.

These practices include a repetitive security pop-up for downloading and updating the app, restrictive manufacturer and carrier agreements and dealings, to more or less characterise third-party software as nasty malware.

All of these measures put the publisher of such apps in a disadvantageous position.

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For instance, Google treats any software not available via Google Play as a potentially malicious app. In some cases, third-party software has even been blocked entirely by new security update such as Google Play Protect. Just last month, Google rolled out a new Advanced Protection Program for Android phones that will block sideloaded apps like Fortnite by default completely.

Epic is certainly not happy about any of the above and is the sole reason why Fortnite is now downloadable from Google Play.

We hope that Google will revise its policies and business dealings in the near future so that all developers are free to reach and engage in commerce with customers on Android and in the Play Store through open services, including payment services, that can compete on a level playing field.

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You’ll find Fortnite available for download now as a free-to-play title from over on the App Store and Google Play. However, Fortnite will still be available on Epic Games store and other third-party app stores as well.

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