Free Fire: How to get Free characters during Kapella Patch event

Kapella Patch event,

Garena will be launching Free Fire OB21 update very soon. Now they have made an in-game announcement about the Kapella Patch event. This update will bring in new character Kapella, Lucas, new pet Ottero as well as Kill Secured Mode on Bermuda and more.

Certain events have been introduced in the game. During this event, Free Fire players can get many paid characters for free and collect tokens. Users can later exchange these tokens with a bunch of in-game rewards.

How to get free characters in Free Fire

Free Characters,
Free Characters

The Kapella Patch event has started on 30th March at 04:00 and will be available till 12th April at 03:59. Players just need to login daily during this event period to get free characters and character level cards. Here are the things the players must need to do to get the characters:

  • Log in for one day to get ‘Nikita.
  • Login for three consecutive days to get ‘Moco.
  • Logging in for five consecutive days to get ‘Miguel.’
  • Login for eight consecutive days to get ‘Rafael.’
  • Logging in for ten consecutive days to get ‘Shani.
  • Log in for 11 straight days to get ‘Character Lvl. 4 Card.

Gather Patch Energy Event:

Kapella Patch event: Gather patch energy event

The Patch Energy Event event has started on 30th March at 04:00 and will continue till 6th April at 03:59. In this event, the players will have to shoot the patch energy core while in the game to gain it. The Free Fire Gift Box coupons can be used for redeeming rewards like Universal Fragment and Character Level Cards.

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However, players who have already registered on the Advanced Server can test the new OB21 update, including Kapella till 2nd April. Also, Free Fire is working on an advanced version of it named Free Fire Max.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoy our post. Just Play and enjoy the new free fire event and collect all the characters.


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