Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Holding an Open Beta Test On May 29th in China for iOS and Android

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is NetEase‘s upcoming card-based RPG Game. Based on J K Rowling’s Harry Poter wizarding world that we all love and adore.NetEase originally announced the game in October last year.

After some small scale alpha test runs, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will have an open beta for both iOS and Android in China on May 29th. NetEase’s industry analyst Daniel Ahmad first published the announcement.

The game will begin with a muggle-born player receiving an acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, something we all have desired our entire lives. Players will experience all the iconic things of the Harry Potter universe, such as shopping in Diagon Alley, accessing Platform 9 3/4, and being sorted into Hogwarts houses.

In-School, you’ll start as a newbie and begin your wizarding journey by learning new spells and gathering a group of friends to join you on your adventure.

There are several gameplay videos on YouTube where people have hopped into the various tests that NetEase and Portkey have held since the game was announced.

Here is a similar video (courtesy of the Anonymous Wolf YouTube channel) showcasing a bit of the story and the card-based battle system. First impressions, the game with all the gameplay and the cut scene looks great.

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Much Like Clash Royale, the game will utilize a mana bar styled system. Each spell is worth a set number and will consume that amount of the bar to use it. That means you’ll need to wait until it has filled up enough to cast your desired spells. To use any spell, you’ll drag the spell card on to the screen before letting go to unleash the magic on your target.

The RPG action is mixed into the card system by dragging cards onto a target and watching the magic play out. This is good news for those demanding full RPG style gameplay and were skeptical after hearing the game would be card-based.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Sadly, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened will start the open beta on both iOS and Android on May 29th in China, with sign-ups available now over on the game’s official site. There’s still no word if the game will head West nor any solid release date as of yet.

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