Marvel Future Revolution New Open World Mobile Game Coming Soon

After the massive success of Marvel Future Fight, Netmarble (the developer behind Marvel Future Fight) and Marvel Studios have yet again come together to create a new open-world RPG mobile game, Marvel Future Revolution. But what can we expect from the game? And when will Marvel Future Revolution be released? Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Marvel game.

Officially announced during the Marvel Mystery Panel at P.A.X. East 2020, held in Boston, Marvel Future Revolution, inherits its storyline and characters from MCU. Combining it with the award-winning development talents of Netmarble, the game seems all set to be a hit.

According to sources, Marvel Future Revolution will be an open-world MMORPG. If the latest trailers are anything to go by, the game will pack some impressive visuals.

In the launch announcement, Marvel also disclosed some information regarding the game and its playable characters. Players can choose to play as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Captain America, and Captain Marvel.

Marvel Future Revolution Fan Theory

Some Fans expect that Marvel Future Revolution will borrow some of its aspects from another popular Marvel/Netmarble collaboration, the Marvel Future Fight. This game contained a story of colliding dimensions in which Marvel superheroes had to come together to defeat evil supervillains from alternate dimensions. As per fan theory, Marvel Future Revolution could tie into Future Fight, as the game’s story did not have a real ending.

Marvel Future Revolution Trailer Analysis

The trailer starts with the New York City in ruins, folding on itself when the four superheroes jump into action to save the day.

The latest teaser trailer for Marvel Future Revolution also revealed colliding worlds. Though not a new concept for a Marvel game, this opens up many different situations for players to explore.

The locations that have already been revealed in the official trailer include the Great Desert of Sakaar, the Chosen Valley, and the Hub Cluster on Xandearth. These sites will be populated with enemies and completely explorable.

Other areas revealed include Sakaar’s Crown City, New Stark City, and Xandearth Headquarters, etc. In a tweet, V.P. of Marvel Games, Bill Rossman confirmed that the game takes place on Prime Earth.

About halfway through the initial trailer, Spider-Punk appears from a portal, affirming that the game features alternate versions of characters from the multiverse, which is written by Marvel Comics writer Marc Sumerak.


The developers have confirmed only four playable Superheroes to date. Marvel Future Revolution has already teased that there will be fighting “among other Super Heroes.” We saw Falcon in one trailer, but it is not confirmed if he will be available as a playable character.

Each of the four playable heroes will have their unique nemesis. Captain America will fight against the evil Red Skull. Doctor Strange will have to beat Baron Mordo. Captain Marvel will go in a head-to-head fight with M.O.D.O.K. While Spider-Man will face his all-time enemies Green Goblin and Red Goblin.

Furthermore, Marvel Games Director Danny Koo confirmed in a tweet that Yellowjacket would also be in the game as a giant boss. Considering Yellowjacket is the villain from ant-man, it is possible that the hero(ant-man) too will make an appearance.

Gameplay design

We are yet to receive any concrete information about the gameplay. However, certain trailers suggest that it will be different from Marvel Future Fight.

Future Revolution will be a third-person close combat game. Heroes fight the enemy with some standard moves and occasional special attacks. The game will most likely feature a conventional control scheme (a joystick on the left and action buttons on the right side of the screen).

There will also be lots of customization options for players to style hero costumes according to their taste.

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Marvel Future Revolution Release date

As of writing this article, we don’t have any official release date. Though, according to some sources, the game will release this year. We will have more to say once we have official news.

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It isn’t clear how the Future Revolution will handle monetization just yet. However, being a Netmarble game, Marvel Future Revolution is expected to boast microtransactions. Netmarble had done it pretty well with Marvel Future Fight.

Players who want every hero, their alternate versions of characters, and all costumes will probably have to pay to unlock them.


Overall, Marvel Future Revolution looks very promising. Though it is still a bit early to pass any opinion, the game can very well be the best MCU Mobile game. The story,  the graphics, the gameplay, everything sounds great.

The official site of The game is now live. You can sign up to receive the game’s newsletter, though the site itself is quite sparse at the moment.

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