Monster Rancher 2: Mobile And Switch Ports Released with Gameplay Trailer

The PS1 cult classic, Monster Rancher 2, will soon get port over the platforms of iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Earlier this month, the game’s première trailer for the upgraded port got published. The port’s debut trailer gave the players a more distinct glimpse of a thriller action.

The director and producer of Monster Rancher 2, Koei Tecmo (Japanese video game enterprise), has released its first trailer. A few popular video-games by Tecmo includes the likes of Star Force, Ninja Gaiden, Deception, Dead or Alive, Monster Rancher, Tecmo Bowl, etc.

Overview of Monster Rancher 2 ‘s Trailer

Although the exact specifications of the game are unclear from the trailer, we do realize that the port will acquaint quite a few enhancements with the latest version of the twenty-year-old game. For instance, it unquestionably appears to profit by a decent knock in goal.

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The game will assign you to build a multitude of peculiar critters. So, you will get a chance to invite other players and contend with them as well, in challenging matches.

Additionally, the game, Monster Rancher 2, offers players with more than 400 beasts altogether. Those numbers are significantly exceeding the close to 200 collectible creature tally in My Monster Rancher. That one game, which returned to portable in 2012, permitted one to visit another player’s world to observe their rogue creatures.

Our Verdict

monster farm 2 gameplay

It’s as yet undeclared as to when the game will launch on the western countries. Despite the huge price of other games of the developer, most of the games have consistently received excellent reviews from both the critics as well as the users outside of Japan.

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The port of Monster Rancher 2 has just received the confirmation for a Japanese launch. Its App Store and Google Play official pages are currently live. Besides that, the game will come with a price of 2,820 yen (roughly 27 USD) for its players.

Now, Pre-orders of this game are also available for the smartphone version via the App Store (i.e., iOS devices) and Google Play (i.e., Android devices).

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