Motorball: A Car Soccer Multiplayer Game, to launch as a closed beta

motorball for ios and android

Motorball is a multiplayer game, based on the concept of a vehicular football or soccer. While playing this game, players will get to play vehicular soccer, driving various wind-up toys against other players. Isn’t it an adorable concept?

The is developed by the Canada based indie game company, Noodlecake Studios. It is only since last year that the developer entered into the online multiplayer field with the release of Golf Blitz. Previously, Noodlecake Studios had made popular games like Alto’s Odyssey, and Mmm Fingers, and Leap On!.

Recently, the developers have decided to launch Motorball as a closed beta test that is supposed to start on July 2nd.

Gameplay of Motorball

Motorball Android/iOS game play

Players will play all the matches in this game, from a top-down perspective. To make the gameplay more interesting, the developers have added a host power-ups. Each of the power-ups provides unique perks like the water pistol, which enables users to move/stop the ball from a distance.

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The power-ups appear as purple blobs of goo on the screen and can be found around the pitch during matches. Once timed correctly, these can be quiet useful for players in both offense or defense.

You will also get to put a moving hockey goalie to defend their goal. It will make it much difficult for your competitors to score in the game.

To sum it up, the gameplay of Motorball falls somewhence between Rocket League and the Battle Mode of Mario Kart. That is also what the developers are pitching for as well.

Interested users can sign up for the upcoming closed beta test, which will start on July 2nd, by visiting the on the game’s official website and signing up. Motorball will release on iOS and Android at some stage, but the dates are not confirmed yet.

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