New TDM Library Mode coming soon to PUBG Mobile

New PUBG Mobile TDM Library Mode spotted in the Chinese beta version of the game. The new mode will pit players in close-quarter battle in a brand new indoor TDM Map. Moreover, the New TDM mode will feature various other challenges.

PUBG Mobile is well known for its creative work. Although some players may not appreciate it, every season, the developers at PUBG Mobile bring something new to the table.

A few weeks back, the PUBG Mobile confirmed that they are working on a new Arctic Mode. In that mode, players will face the freezing weather of Vikendi as they struggle to be the last one standing. Here is a detailed article on PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode: Cold Front Survival.

Now, a new PUBG Mobile TDM Mode has been spotted in the Chinese beta named the Library Mode. As per the leaks, the next global update 0.18.0 of PUBG Mobile will feature the new TDM map. Here is everything we know so far.

New TDM: Library Mode in PUBG Mobile

The latest TDM Map is called ‘the Library’ as it is placed inside one. It almost seems like Tencent took some inspiration from Call of Duty Mobile as the game offers a similar Mode. This New TDM: Library Mode will be the first indoor map in PUBG Mobile. It will force players to engage in close quarters. So, players can expect to see a lot more action compared to other TDM Maps.

Features of the New TDM 

  • Two teams spawn on a 4×4 library map.

    Library Mode Map, Library Mode Map in PUBG Mobile,
    New TDM: Library Mode in PUBG Mobile
  • Each player of the team has to take a total of 18 kills.
  • All players have to make each kill using a different gun.Library Mode Map, Library Mode Map in PUBG Mobile,
  • In a game, you will get not only Scar L, MP5K, M762 but also several shotguns, and snipers M24, Kar98k, including new sniper DBS.
  • Furthermore, after every kill, the gun will be switched automatically with that of the opponent.
  • The first team, with all members to complete the task, will be declared the winner.
  • Also, the matches will be short and will take 10 minutes to complete.

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Along with the entertaining gameplay it offers to the players, the map itself looks great. Furthermore, the TDM Library Mode will also put the gun-handling skills of the players to test as they have to manage a total of 18 different guns in a single match.

Overall, we are very excited about the New leaked TDM Mode and will have more to say once it is available for the masses.


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