Pascal’s Wager: Deep into the Dark Mist expansion Launched with a Massive Discount on the Game

Are you bored as well as stressed about the concurrent pandemic situation around the globe? Well, here is an announcement that might just make up your mood all right! Pascal’s Wager has launched, “Deep into the Dark Mist” expansion pack iOS.

Pascal’s Wager is a Single-player n Action RPG developed by TipsWorks for android and iOS devices. The game debuted on iOS in January this year. Deep into the Dark Mist is the latest add-on for the game.

This news is going to be exciting for all the gamers, as Deep into the Dark Mist” expansion pack is amongst the most hyped mobile games of the year.

What is so exciting about Pascal’s Wager: Deep into the Dark Mist?

Playing Pascal’s Wager: Deep into the Dark Mist can keep anybody engaged. This game has a Dark Mist mode, where one venture through the suffocating fog to uncover its treasures and sinister secrets.

Video credit: Pascal’s Wager Youtube Channel 

The game of treasure hunting might sound exciting, But be aware, amongst the dense fog, you aren’t going to be alone, for it is the dwellings of all the foul creatures. In the darkness of the mist, nothing can be trusted. Players must always remain on their toes to survive the challenges that await them.

To assist players in the mist, there is a mysterious artefact called phantom vase. The vase allows one to summon a visitor into your world, which can come in very handy. However, it may also invite an unpleasant guest. So, think before you use it.

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pascal's wager deep into the mist phantom vase
Image credit: Pascal’s Wager Youtube

A boss fight is triggered when one successfully maintains their sanity while building up the obsession gauge. Completing these tasks of taking down the deadly bosses is the only chance of escape and, finally, claim the trophy.

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How to get the expansion 

To get into the Deep into the Dark Mist expansion, players need to complete the Katib chapter of the vanilla game, and further purchase the mist lamp from Glenn’s owl in the carriage. An important thing to note is that one can buy a mist lamp from the get-go if they are already into the New Game Plus mode.

Pascal’s Wager is now available for purchase as a premium game. One can access this game from the App Store. Recently, this game has gone on sale. Users can purchase the iOS version at just $3.99 under the limited time offer. It is a bargain considering the game is in high demand now.

pascal's wager deep into the mist, pascal's wager
Image credit: Pascal’s Wager Youtube

Also, the Android port of the game is scheduled to be launched on June 25th. It’s an exciting revelation, especially for the gamers sitting out and waiting for some great games to release.

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