PMPL 2020 Scrims Season 3 Week 2 Day 1 Points table and Standings

PMPL 2020: PMPL Scrims Season 3 Week 2 first day results are out. TeamIND takes the second place on the leaderboard with 67 points, after MiTH.

PUBG Mobile has started the PMPL 2020 Scrims to keep the audience entertained during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The second week of the PMPL 2020 Scrims Season 3 started on Friday, 1st May 2020. Twenty-four teams from South Asia and Southeast Asia have taken part in the PMPL that are divided into three groups – A, B, and C.

Only the teams from groups A and B were pitted against each other on the opening day of week 2.

This week the organizers invited four teams from southeast Asia. They are POWER888 ESPORT and MiTH from Thailand, Aura Esport from Indonesia, and N.E.D Brotherhood from Malaysia.

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leaderboard pmpl 2020 scrims Season 3 week 2 day 1, pmpl scrims points table
Final Standings after week two day 1

At the end of Day 1, MiTH holds the top spot on the leaderboard with two victories and over a hundred (105) points. MiTH is quiet ahead of TeamIND, which holds second place with 67 points. vsgCRAWLERS is at number 3 with 62 points.

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PMPL Scrims Season 3 Points Table – Week 2 Day 1

leaderboard pmpl 2020 Scrims Season 3 week 2 day 1 (9-16), pmpl scrims points table
Final Standings after week two day 1

Here are the overall standings after the conclusion of day 1 of the 2nd Week of the PMPL 2020 Scrims Season 3:

  1. MiTH- 105 points
  2. TeamIND- 67 points
  3. vsgCRAWLERS- 62 points
  4. POWER888 ESPORT- 58 points
  5. Elementrix- 53 points
  6. SynerGE- 53 points
  7. Marcos Gaming- 45 points
  8. Megastars- 44 points
  9. SouL- 100 points
  10. UMExRxN- 97 points
  11. TSM-Entity- 94 points
  12. ORANGE ROCK- 88 points
  13. JyanMaara- 75 points
  14. DEADEYES GUY- 71 points
  15. Aura Esport- 68 points
  16. INES- 62 points
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The Top 5 Players of PMPL 2020 Scrims Season 3 W2 Day 1

Top 5 players of PMPL Season 3 week 2 day 1
Top 5 Players of the Day
  1. MiTHa PONDzai – 7 Kills (1279 Damage)
  2. TeamINDTRANCE – 4 Kills (596 Damage)
  3. OR Mavi- 3 Kills (608 Damage)
  4. vsgCRAWL • Evo0 – 3 Kills (582 Damage)
  5. SouLReGaLToS – 3 Kills (282 Damage)

Season 3 of the PMPL 2020 Scrims has weekly prize money of 2,27,527 Indian Rupees or USD3000. The leaderboard toppers after a week get a total of $1500, while the second and third-place holders receive $1000 or 75,842 rupees and $500 or 37,921 rupees, respectively.

PUBG Mobile fans can watch the action live on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube channel. Scrims S3 will continue till 10th May 2020. Checkout full Schedules and all team details.

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