Pokemon Go: Johto 2020 Throwback Challenge starts today

Pokemon Go Johto 2020 Throwback Challenge week has now started, which means that trainers have a ton of new tasks to complete. This time it is wholly focused on Pokemons native to the Johto region. Players will receive lucrative rewards for each task completed.

Last week, the grand prize for completing all of these tasks was a Mewtwo and 10 Rare Candies. This week the players have a chance of getting a Ho-Oh and another 10 Rare Candies for completing all the tasks before the event expires. That is too good of an opportunity to let go for any pokemon go, lover.

There will be a total of nine parts to the throwback challenge, with each part broken into three tasks. All tasks have straightforward objectives, like catching three different types of Pokemon, sending a Gift to a friend, Catching a flying-type Pokemon, etc.

Pokemon Go Johto 2020 Throwback Challenge

After completing each task, players will receive rewards, such as Berries, Poke Balls, Incense, and Stardust. There will also be a Charged TM, King’s Rock, and Dragon Scale-up for the grabs.

Apart from that, players will also receive 2x Catch Stardust and Raid Stardust until the end of the event. Event-theme Field Research will also be available. Much like the previous event, in the Pokemon Go Johto week, there will also be certain Pokemon that hatch from 7km eggs, which includes:

  • Chinchou
  • Yanma
  • Girafarig
  • Pineco
  • Dunsparce
  • Gligar
  • Shuckle
  • Skarmory
  • Phanpy

Pokemon Go started throwback challenges from last week as a tribute to the original series. Each week players receive challenges and tasks centered around Pokemons belonging to a particular region of the pokemon universe. Last week the theme for the throwback challenge was the Kanto region from the original Pokemon series.

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Johto week will feature Pokemon that first appeared in the TV series Pokemon Gold and Silver. Pokemon Go Johto 2020 Throwback Challenge started on 8th may and will continue till 15th May.


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