Pokemon Masters EX’s Latest Egg Event is Now Live

Pokemon Masters EX is having yet another Egg event. This time players will receive eggs that will hatch into either Psychic or Poison Type. The event will run until 26th November.

The popular Pokemon game for android and iOS, Pokemon Masters Ex, is back with a new Event. Starting today, trainers (users) will get eggs that hatch into either of the aforementioned types of pokemon.

A bunch of new pokemon will be added to the game as eggs. These include Abra, Exeggcute, Grimer, Nidoran (Female). Some leaks also indicate that Abra and Grimer will be shiny.

During the 21 day, long even players can win eggs as rewards for beating challenges. Additionally, there will be 10 different missions too. In these battles, players will face opponents who are weak against either poison or psychic attacks. Beat certain areas a set number of times and you will be rewarded with yield Berry Tarts, Power-Ups, Eggs, Egg Move Candy, and more.

Additionally, users will also receive an extra temporary Egg incubator for free. This will enable players to hatch more eggs during the event.
Pokemon Masters: New Events first Anniversary celebrations

Increase your chances of winning Eggs in Pokemon Masters Ex

Players can further enhance your chances of winning eggs in the battle too! Here is how  –

  • +80% chance of receiving one if trainers use Player Sync Pair that is either poison or psychic type.
  • +40% chance if they choose player sync pair but is not poison or psychic type.
  • +20% chance if they use nonplayer Sync Pair that is either poison or psychic.
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Pokemon Masters first introduced the egg system back in June in the 1.11 update. The system brings the game much close to the actual pokemon universe. Earlier users could only receive Pokemons as Sync pairs.

Pokemon Masters also changed their name to Pokemon Masters Ex (an abbreviation of extended) just a day before completing its first year of the official release. And during the First-anniversary celebration announcement, developers promised to add a lot more to the Pokemon Masters universe in the coming years.

Pokemon Masters EX is a free to play game available on both Apple App Store and Google Play with in-app purchases. The game was released globally on 29th August 2019 and reached 10 Million downloads in just 4 days.

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