Pokemon Masters Ex’s Latest Sync Pair Gladion and Silvally are Now up for Grab

Pokemon masters 1st-anniversary celebration is in full swing. Just last Friday, the Pokemon Masters Ex developers launched the much-awaited story event named Family Ties. The event is an excellent opportunity for all Pokemon Masters Ex players as the officials have also decided to bring three new Sync pairs throughout this month along with lots of cool rewards through the story event and 3000 gems for free.

The first pair Lusamine & Pheromosa was made available starting September 9th.

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As promised by the officials, the new Sync pair Gladion and Silvally came today for the all the pokemon trainers. Now, I have used all my free 3000 gems for Lusamine and was a bit disheartened to see that the first pair is weak against fire attacks. The new sync pair in comparison looks much cooler.

The third Sync pair Lillie and Clefairy will make their debut three days later.

Do not miss this tremendous opportunity and grab the second sync pair Gladion and Silvally as if you miss this chance; you will have to wait until the next poke fair. This pair has the ultimate attack ability. If you want to see the sync moves of the pairs, then you can check the battle chapter on Family Ties.

The missing Full Force Battles are going to be added on the September 16th.

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Key Highlights of The Second Sync Pair Gladion and Silvally:Gladion & Silvally

  • The 5-star tech pair will run from today till October 1st and can be upgraded to 6-star Ex.
  • And the Sync Grid is also upgraded.
  • For the multi-attack advantage of this pair, the speed will be decreased.
  • It is equipped with a clash claw.
  • The straight forward attack of this duo will lower the opponent’s defence.
  • It has a trait passive called Backfire which will easily beat the regular attacks of the Rivals.

The Third Sync pair Lillie and Clefairy will arrive on September 17th. Additionally, users who will pull out all three pairs will be rewarded with extra travel token from the family battles.

Pokemon Masters had its global release on August 29th last year. The game was renamed to Pokemon Masters Ex to mark the changes.

A variety of game modes and new features were announced for the first-anniversary event along with 3000 gems reward for all users for free.

Pokemon Masters EX is available for iOS and Android users on AppStore and Google Play, respectively. The game is free to play with in-app purchases.

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