Cold Front Survival : The New PUBG Mobile Mode is Here

PUBG Mobile is working on a new Evoground mode. The mode will be called the Arctic Mode: Cold Front Survival. The details of the new PUBG Mobile mode are present the 0.17.0 patch notes. Players will battle the strong forces of nature working their way up to the last man standing.

The new arctic mode will be live on 13th April 2020.

Its been just a few weeks since the new PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update rolled out. The latest update brings some cool new modes like Amusement Park Mode, A brand new Airdrop Weapon: DBS, and a few other features, including Royale Pass Season 12. However, there is more in the latest PUBG Mobile update than mentioned above. PUBG Mobile Developers are working on a new mode called the artic Mode.

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What is the new Arctic Mode?

If we talk about the Arctic, the first thing the comes to mind is the harsh freezing weather. Snow Storms will appear periodically in Vikendi Map, where Players will need to maintain and keep their body temperature stable to survive. Otherwise, they will continuously lose health. Arctic Mode will be similar to Classic Mode gameplay and will offer players a more realistic survival experience.

How to Survive the New PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

To play this mode, you must maintain your body temperature. Here are some basic ways to keep your temperature hot given bellow:

  • You have to light a fire using a lighter and add branches to it to increase the heating time.
  • Acquire raw chicken by hunting chicken and roast it on the fire, then consume the cooked chicken to restore body your temperature.
  • Players can also use items such as the heater or heat packs.
  • Snowboards from the Winter Festival will also be available for players in this mode to enjoy snowboarding.
  • Added Drones that can scout the surrounding area, leading to new tactics.
  • and many more

Background of the Update

Although any addition is always welcomed, the artic mode update is not new. A similar game mode was introduced in PUBG Mobile Chinese beta back in mid-2019. Going by the released details of Arctic Mode: Cold Front Survival, it seems directly taken out of the former (Chinese beta). Furthermore, the arctic mode is said to feature the same items, such as a lighter, heaters as well as the same hunting system.

However, it is not exactly a bad thing. Given that PUBG Mobile has already tested the feature extensively, we can expect a better optimized bug-free gameplay. Also, we might end up with a bunch of new features that were not present in its predecessor with future updates. Only time will tell. Overall, we are pumped to test things out by ourselves once the Artic mode is live. Are you?

Here is the PUBG MOBILE – Cold Front Survival Video Guide – Arctic Mode. (Video Credits: PUBG MOBILE Official YouTube)

New Arctic Mode Release Date

According to Tencent, they are working in this mode, and the map is under development. However, it will be available soon, as published by PUBG Mobile. Some reports say that it will come 0.18.0 update. We will be updating this article when we get more info about this topic.

Update: The artic mode/ Cold Front Survival update will hit the live servers on 13th April 2020. Tencent officially confirmed the date.

We hope you liked our article on PUBG Mobile: New Cold Front Survival Mode. If you have any questions or quarries, leave them in the comments below. We will love to know how you feel about the latest development in PUBG Mobile. We will see you in our very next post.


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