Residual: A Pixel Art Multi-platform Survival Game from OrangePixel

Residual is an upcoming pixel art survival game where players will experience an incredible adventure that will be totally violence-free!

The game starts with a well-tested plot of, you crash-landing on an unknown planet. In order to survive, you must head out and travel across a procedurally-generated territory and explore deep cave systems which holds the darkest mysteries and the remains of an ancient alien civilization.

The game is going to release later this year or by early 2021 according to sources. It will launch over several platforms such as iOS, Android, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The developer officially announced some releasing details regarding the game, Residual. Here’s the tweet:

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When it comes to gameplay, Residual isn’t going to bore you. The game will feature a mixture of craftings along with some light puzzles. Of course, sustaining on this strange planet might prove to be a hard one. But don’t worry, you can always find some usable alien tech along the course of the journey to help you out.

The further you proceed, the more chances for your survival in the game. But the ups(unique selling point) of the game is that it entirely ditches guns, weapons, or any sort of violence.

Residual is developed by the one-man Duch game developer OrangePixel. But don’t let the size of the company fool you. Pascal (The man behind OrangePixel) is well known for developing some quality games. Heroes of Loot, Sir Questionnaire, Space Grunts 2, Gunslugs 3 are to name a few.

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Our Thoughts on Residual and its Release Date


Honestly, it is refreshing to see that a few developers are trying to create games with a bit of a different approach. Residual is an excellent move by OrangePixel to create a game with the idea that every adventure game doesn’t need to include guns-blazing action.

The game seems like the right balance of adventure, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Residual would definitely provide a room for the players who enjoy more chilled-out and peaceful games.

As of the release date, OrangePixel hasn’t revealed any firm release date for the game. Currently, it is expected to launch later this year or by the earliest 2021. So, there is still a bit of time.

Upon release, Residual will be available for iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Also, If you are impatient and would like to see what’s the game all about, you can take a look at the demo, which is soon set to go live on Steam.

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