Rocat Jumpurr: New Cat Themed Fun Roguelite for iOS and Android

If you are a soul who loves cats and Rocket launchers, then the latest game, Rocat Jumpurr, from MOUSETRAP GAMES, is for you! It’s a space cat rogue-lite dungeon crawler vogue game, where your sole goal is to blow stuff up—playing the role of a rocket launcher-wielding cat to drive through the levels.

Earlier, the developers have also created a few other games like Run the Beat, Circle Protector, and JOIST – Cosmic Game.

Gameplay: Rocat Jumpurr – Hilarious Monsters Crawler

Rocat Jumpurr is an easy-to-play game. Here, players need to blow stuff up to make progress with each run throughout the game’s unlimited levels. In the game, the rocket launcher serves both as a weapon and a multipurpose tool.

Simply put, players need to utilize the unique mechanics of the rocket launcher to fight ludicrous monsters and blast the enemies as well as move our feline hero and overwhelm obstacles.

Rocat jumpurr: New fun roguelite game Dogee Lair Challenge

Keeping up with the cat theme of Rocat Jumpurr, you will encounter all the well-known cat nemesis while rocket jumping your way through the endless number of levels. The enemies include mice invaders, enraged cucumbers, and disturbing Poopigeons.

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Progressing through the game, remember to keep a lookout for Goldfish, Silver Cans, and extra tokens with passing levels. These items can then be exchanged for obtaining more powerful equipment and leveling up your cat. Additionally, modernize your bazooka and generate new enhanced types of missiles too. You can purchase the upgraded weaponry after each level.

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Rocat jumpurr: level design

As Rocat Jumpurr is a rogue-lite, all the upgrades, levels, and equipment will get randomized each time you play the game. That what makes the game more innovative and engaging with each passing level.

All in all, you can explore the possibility of being a cat in space and meet the ludicrous and humorous monsters as well, while having endless fun, playing the game.

Rocat Jumpurr is now available over the platforms of App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game, along with some appealing in-app purchases.

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