Soul of Eden: Rayark Inc’s Upcoming Clash Royale Strategy Game

Rayark Inc is finally here with their long-awaited and somewhat delayed project, Soul of Eden. Here is everything we know so far

What is Soul of Eden

Soul of Eden is a Clash Royale style strategy game by Rayark Inc exclusively for Android.
It is now available to pre-register in Google Play Store.

First unveiled almost four years ago, the has been in the works for too long now. However, Rayark has confirmed that the project is indeed the final stages of development and quickly nearing completion.

As expected, the soul of Eden combines real-time strategy with cards in 3 or 4-minute matches according to google play descriptions.

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Soul of Eden Gameplay

According to official sources, the game will feature over 100 cards upon release, with more to be added in the future with subsequent updates. Each card will have its advantage and disadvantages. Among those cards, there will also feature heroes, mighty cards with unique abilities that can devastate the enemy when appropriately used.

A few examples of the cards and heroes available can be seen in the trailer. These include the Puppeteer, who can control enemy units and turning them against their leader. Another character featuring in the trailer is S.Tadakatsu, who is capable of instantly killing any enemy unit. Going by the Trailer, the game seems pretty exciting and should offer enjoyable gameplay.

Soul of Eden lets players choose from a total of 4 different factions, beasts, aliens, the empire and the republic. Each of them possesses certain traits unique to the faction. It will be up to the player to decide what they prefer in battle.

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Rayark has revealed that the game will implement a “spread deploy” system that enables the user to have unlimited choices of formations. Soul of Eden will also include a dynamic battleground that will be changing throughout the match. Rayark hopes that the system will challenge players to keep working on their strategy.

Soul of Eden is now available for pre-register on Google Play ahead of the final release. It is yet unknown when that will be. Rayark is yet to make any announcements regarding that; also, the trailer simply states, “coming soon.” Although unconfirmed, the game is most likely to be free to play with in-app purchases.

Rayark Inc has also developed games like Cytus, Deemo, Voez, Cytus II. Currently, the Taiwan based game developing company is also working on DeemoII.

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